Lieve Blancquaert is making a new series about love, relationships and sex

0a74bfc2385621bba2746f1497dbd077 - Lieve Blancquaert is making a new series about love, relationships and sex

At the beginning of the week and left for Lieve Blancquaert in front of her new television series about love, relationships and sex, for the first, Let’s talk about sex (working title). Following on from the success of the Birth day, Wedding day and Last days are travelling my Dear, for this new documentary series re-create the world around this time, in order to see how the world copes with love, relationships and sex in general. Once again, she pulls out her camera.

Lieve Blancquaert: “Our life is full of sex, from a young age, to have a glorious old age. And yet the subject is still so often a taboo subject. It keeps everyone engaged, and around the world, but it will always have a different meaning depending on the culture in which we live. And that excites me beyond measure. I’d like to try to understand everything that’s going on between the partners, how, and why couples are formed, how relationships develop, at how men and women relate to each other, some lovers are attracted to, or reject, what to love and sex mean in a relationship…
My passion for this area of work, it is great. I am sure that I was on my seat going to fall out of surprise, but it gives you a wonderful feeling, to try to understand the bias and to be able to let go of. That works, just very very cleansing, and not the least of which from our own experience of love.”