Frances Lefebure, pulls Great, Small Electrical Battle, is open to the whole of Flanders

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Frances Lefebure, put in a second set of feel-good programs to Make Belgium Great Again with VTM to create the best we can to make our country a little bit better place. To save Nidhi has not yet been found, but in the first episode, it surpasses them to some of the expectations for the Large, Small, Electric Battle in between on this Trip, and the town of Temse. The time for the whole of Flanders, to take him out.

The man who does it better than Home? In the whole of Flanders to crack the Large, the Small Electrical Battle los
The collection of old/broken small electrical, who earlier in the week, was set up in the Home and in the town of Temse, for the benefit of Red Nose Day was a great success. Winner of the Trip took 1 week to greater than 12 tonnes, and a total of 22 tons of returned phones have exceeded greatly the expectations. At the beginning of challenges for all cities and municipalities to get behind this action and at the same time. It’s the little electric not only supplies valuable raw materials to, in one exceptional year, with the money on it. The more of the little electrical is accumulated, the more money to Top donate to Red Nose Day.

At the beginning of calls, but all of the Flemish people to bring their old and/or broken small electrical to the container park or to the local Top-collection box to bring up. The city, which before the 19th of October, the majority of small electrical pick up and win with a unique containerparkconcert Koen Wauters and James Of the screen. Of course, the little electric after 19 October will be awarded. Until the 28th of november has it all in order to determine the amount that the Top of the Red Nose Day for him.