Frances Lefebure makes Belgium even greater

fd4bda280cb57198ccef3043b8871f46 - Frances Lefebure makes Belgium even greater

Last Sunday, broke down at the beginning of Lefebure, along with Faroek Özgünes already get to live in the leisure management programme in order to put a call out to the saviour of the Indian flight attendant Nidhi is to be found. This week, they have to be creative to find solutions to a number of problems in the new season and to Make Belgium’s Great Again’, which is now the 13th of October, from the ground up.

Last week, the country was already set in motion in order to find going to be the person who is the Indian air hostess Nidhi assisted in the difficult time after the terrorist attacks at the airport. There are hundreds of tips are coming in through the call center and via e-mail. On Facebook, the robottekening as many as 3,000 times and shared it. Also, the international media jumped on the wagon. At the beginning of shows, in the first episode of a state of the art.

In the town of Temse and Bornem and it was the first Big, Small Electric Struggle to Make Belgium the Great Driving over it. Under the leadership of the team members, Koen Wauters (for Temse), and James From Yellow (for Home), the residents of the two communities, the fight to as many as possible of the old, small electrical to collect it. In a typical home are, after all, about 4 old cell phones, and 10 are unused electrical appliances just to be gathering dust. And those devices are full of resources, that is, faster than expected, are in danger of disappearing if we don’t do it.
Of their old or broken small electrical had to be on the 9th of October, to end up in the empty Top-containers, which are centrally located in the municipalities that were to be placed. Many of the residents and the associations to turn to creative actions. In the end, the Bornemenaars as the winners of the winners. But whereas at the beginning it is not one of them. In episode 1, she is going to even take it a step further, to Flanders, a small electric to help.

The editorial board of the Make Belgium the Great from now on for the extra content on the various channels. Make Belgium Great (Again, an Extra on tv a GO, and the able to the fans of the program after the broadcast on Sunday, enjoy a lot of benefits. It goes to the “making of”clips, bloopers, and background stories about Frances and her team.