EPE buys a jar of coffee

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Singer-songwriter Ebe Mogyoros (15) of the Moment left at the end of 2018 for the first time, remark, during his / her participation in The Voice Kids. A year later, he knows what he wants to do, to make music that affects people.

EBE: “The past year has been very busy. I use i.e. school, music, and performance. In my music I write myself, so it takes up a lot of time into it. I am the sort of person that will not feel fully satisfied with what I make so I have a lot of songs to write, and it is almost the same as a bunch of place under the heading ‘not yet ready’. It is so young, especially to make choices between factors such as, “what I would like to hear?” and ” what do I like. I want to be, anyway, to make music that affects people. Songs like my new single, is a perfect example of this. When I got to the song “Tea For Two” for the first time, the Netherlands was, and there happened to be a song writer in the world after the action, came home, and cried. He had the whole track in exactly one week for the changes was given there was only one sentence: to What do you write great songs, you’re a singer-songwriter with an old soul.”