By Matthias Schoenaerts, is under fire after a spoorlopen

c9bab1f3216e31087fb9ec51130f79c0 - By Matthias Schoenaerts, is under fire after a spoorlopen

What’s wrong with well-known in Flanders for the year 2019 and it is still on a (disused) railway line to deal with? By the end of 2017 was Karen Being under attack, as they have for the cover of her new single, “A different path” was posed on an abandoned railway line. Its mission was to be furious, because of Karen Being in a the wrong message and gave it to the fans. Karen Damen has responded to the news that the picture on the left track was taken, is a railway line that is no longer in use. “Spoorlopen, it is extremely dangerous and is prohibited by law. Please, be responsible”, replied Karen Damen.

Last week it was Tom Waes is still the scapegoat, it popped up suddenly on a picture to see how it was that Waes is on the platform of a train station was located. The photos were made in Norway, taken by a well-known fashion chain that Waas the ambassador. During its mission, they were not to speak to you about the advertising image, an image that is hard to digest for the spoorinfrastructuurbeheerder. They, after all, very hard on awareness-raising, and to see their efforts are now wasted due to a simple advertising campaign around the Waes. “Sad and disappointing,” says its mission.