Uncle Jef would be the last time for the farmer to

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‘At Uncle Matt’ at the end of October, the farmers in Flanders.The Flemish public close Uncle Jeff is in his arms now, for the third and final presentation of no less than 10 000 tickets verkocth.

Anyone who remembers the successful Flemish sitcom “Uncle Matt” in the second half of the ‘ 90’s, our tv show was. The comedy series is about a farmer on a pension, “Uncle Jeff” was a real crowd pleaser, and there have been more than 175 episodes of this. Flemish culture… from 2016, and in 2018, was “Uncle Jeff” one of the most successful of the second and third life in the Theater Elckerlyc, and then at the tour of Flanders. But Uncle Matt was not yet finished their burping! After Uncle Jeff is in the rumbling,” and “Uncle Jeff and the prodigal son,” and is now “At Uncle Jeff” was the final piece that we can see what “Uncle Matt” to his farm house into a pop-up restaurant, and up to his ears and falls in love with him.