Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 41

901613c1e90a31104b5d738d8af5ed92 - Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 41

Seven of their singles to make it a week for the same amount of them. Lisa del Bo with “Please”, “Horizontally”, from the Metejoor, Frimout, and “Star”, “When you dance” from the Guy Offering the “Sweetest love” by Schila, “Come and dance” by Frank Valentino and Angelo, Who, with “When I look into your eyes, there are out of the question.

“Candy” on Top, Limited on the 48. Johan, the Queen, and ends up at 44, “I don’t know.” “Here, let me lie,” is the plea of the Bart Kaëll 41. “As much as I like you,” are the clear words of Lissa, Lewis, at 38. 33, for “If they are, dad says,” the White Bird”. “The grunt man,” unless Borokov Borokov, feat. Mathieu Terryn is down to 32. The highest new entry, is, “I’m home” by the Raf From Brussels on the 26th.