Jeroen Meus is melting for a call for a sick fan

6d089c1825759fbd6d9a49ebaba0d902 - Jeroen Meus is melting for a call for a sick fan

Well-known Flemish people are the only human beings, every single one of them, at regular intervals, however, it’s time for a good cause, or a person who, at that time, less and less well. Also, a tv chef, Jeroen Meus has not escaped the questions of the people, to try and reach out to others to do so. Friday, said the cook, in a tweet, in which he was told to do the movie with a sick 5-year-old fan.

Hanne Mareels on Twitter, a phone call to get her message to Jeroen Meus to get it. That was perfect, though, because she is the cook, and immediately was tagged in the post. “My little cousin of 5 years old is a big fan of Jeroen Meus, is a short time in the hospital, and look out for the program,” he writes, Hanne. “My goal is to get them to tweet at him to make sure that I can waarmakendat he made a video for my friend!!!”