In this way, it will disappear doesn’t out of a Family

In this way, it will disappear doesn't out of a Family

Annie Geeraerts is now 93 years old, but the granny of the Family, looks are still perky. Just as it looked like the grandma of the Family was written, but nothing was further from the truth. “I’ll have the next time just that little bit more to offer,” reveals the actress in the Story. “The writers, the viewers, just to be on the wrong foot.”

But Annie Geeraerts is aware that she is today, or tomorrow, however, the series is being written. “This will hurt, but I know that it’s ever going to happen,” said Annie Geeraerts in the magazine. And the actress understands all too well how Family is going to go away.

Annie Geeraerts realize that her character, Anna, is probably going to die in the Family. “It’s not as if I, at my age, still have a long journey to make, such as a Jack,” says Annie Geeraerts. “Oh, is that the writers may be my end choice,” said Annie Geeraerts on in the Story. However, the Family, the viewers hope to be one of the moment that doesn’t disappear still for a long time will have to be postponed.