Dream with Glenn Thienpondt

16243d9d052f1e5f47912473e3b7722a - Dream with Glenn Thienpondt

As Thienpondt, that is, in 2016, won in the ‘Come to Dinner’, at the FOUR is already on his fourth single, to. The music is from Dream with me”, it sounds already familiar, as the Modern Era, having scored in 1984, is already a big hit with them. When was the song “You’re my heart, you’re my soul”. This means that he is already proud of his new treasure, in which Jean-pierre Kerkhofs at the Artsound Studio, and the production, under the name of R. S and Music.

“Dream of me” by Glenn Thienpondt is available for download via the well-known downloadkanalen as of Monday, the 14th of October.

(Nico Vanaken)