Column: the VRT will need to save even more money

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Over the past few years, the budget of the public broadcasting service is seriously diminished. On Friday it became known that the belgian is in, the more you will have to save up to € 40 million per year. That obviously has implications for employment, not only for the public broadcasting service, by the way. The external production companies will be savings to be made come to feel.
“Our cost savings have been started in the year 2007. For the past 12 years, there have been more than 600 members of personnel of the VRT to leave. On top of that, there are millions upon millions saved for our contribution. Year after year, it seems to be a very hard action. For us, it is now the lower limit is reached. I hope that the government and Parliament that will also see it,” he said VRT’s spokesman, Bob Vermeir, on the website of the VRT. The unions ‘ fear that the elimination of 250 jobs, though, there would be no redundancies.

As a viewer, you might be able to argue that the public broadcaster was ‘very easy’ to look at, and back to the core business, to the times. All of these digital channels really necessary?
And to all of the transmitters are betting on social media? It Is the responsibility of the public broadcaster, in order to have a web site with nothing other than a lifestyle-tips-to-make? What is the value of The Ladies One? And to Michel Wuyts in the Tour de France is not the better of it from Brussels and from the comments, if he was a regular, however, still a few miles from the finish, in a container, on a display screen need to look? Earlier it became known that the VRT is not allowed to preset to the broadcasting of sports events as possible, which will also have a look at.
Save money it can truly happen anywhere, but the one and the other one should also have a satisfactory stay. The belgian has, for the past few years, the savings are felt, they do so as if it were still the same, with less money and fewer FTE’s. The taxpayer may ask, or his hard-earned money will be well spent, that is certainly the case here. The public service broadcaster is the cost per year is really not much, especially if you want to look at what we, the viewer, to get it back. And let’s not forget that there is something for everybody.

So, yes, it is possible to be saved in the previously-mentioned items, but that’s the big difference? The viewers want more and more and more experience, it is becoming more and more animation, in addition to the display screen. It’s like we are on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so on. Sometimes, the viewer will also have become more demanding, on the other hand, we can look online to large numbers of movies of questionable quality. Public broadcasting can’t help but evolve, and the question is, is the way in which this is to be achieved, and how much strain it is to keep on saving money. Above all, we should also be proud of the public service broadcaster has performed.