A new case of sexual abuse against Patrick Bruel

4ad3f245b2ec4c25b21777289e2dff91 - A new case of sexual abuse against Patrick Bruel

French singer Patrick Bruel is once again under attack. Again, because this is not the first time that someone accused of child sexual abuse. This time, it is the complaint of a masseuse. Just prior to his appearance on the 9th of August would be the lead singer of a masseuse immediately. The woman told police that a Bruel and a happy ending was expected, but the answer to that question was to the wife did not. The woman stopped, Bruel, not with insistence, but he caught a flounder.
Patrick Bruel himself, denying the accusations against him, strongly. He went on to explain to the police that he was in the nude, had just received because of the heat. Bruel was already under fire, the other a masseuse accused him for sexual harassment. The singer says that the women are lying and it never happened.