The VTM’s face, Stef Wauters wins TELEVISION award

The VTM's face, Stef Wauters wins TELEVISION award

When the TELEVISION taalfeest Taaldag 11, at de singel in Antwerp, is in Charlotte, Crul will be declared the winner of the Grand prix, Jan Wauters, 2019. The TELEVISION nieuwsstem was the favorite taalvirtuoos of the world.
Stef Wauters, and if the Audience is to receive. The fourth Award, Jan Wauters, more than 4,000 ballots were cast. Nearly one in three voters chose to Stef Wauters, “for sixteen years, and the set value of the VTM-news, with a good sense of a clear and direct zegging.”

The Grand Prize, Jan Wauters, also a Dutch media personality “, who excels in the use of English, and whose language bears witness to a great speech and a great creativity. With this award the belgian with the memory of one of its greatest taalvirtuozen, sports reporter, Jan Wauters, alive. This year, the prize went to someone who will, moreover, be a difficult message is clear and accessible, and can be explained to you.