Royalty on the floor at the Monacovrouw Winny

19217e5b028cad73d98bca94e2c79a3e - Royalty on the floor at the Monacovrouw Winny

Monacovrouw Sylvie know it’s as a DJ for the rich and famous, but in this episode they dive with them on her birthday in the studio for her first album, to sing, and this is, of course, having a glass of bubbly. “I’ve got two of the topproducers who are going to work together, let’s go to the next level!”
Not only does Sylvie is celebrating her birthday in style, but also the Airport with the dog in Atoessa year, and this should be celebrated as a shopping day. Your favourite pet shop is going to Atoessa to find the most suitable offer. Hermes Birkin bag, Chewy vuitton, and so on: “oh, Margaux, Dom Perignon, she also like to be Dom Perignon. e.”

The search for a new condo in the trendy Monaco is not always smooth. For Sylvie, it is the most important one, “The Million-Dollar View.” This wish pay you, of course, and this is no less than around $ 12,000 per month.
The Winny will, in turn, generously visit the Daniel Ducruet, ex-husband of Stéphanie, princess of Monaco. “The fact that he and the princess were married, he was not at all to his head, rose,” said Anne-Françoise.

Monacovrouwen Friday, 20.35 FIVE