Reactions after the victory, Young, Amber, Young, Spain (closed)

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Reactions after the victory, Young, Amber, Young, Spain (closed)

October 11, 2019 18:01
11-10-19 18:01
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(Jong Oranje), the second race in the hunt for a ticket to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and by 2021 would have won. The team of coach Erwin of Tanning, beating in the Netherlands, Portugal by 4-2. That the country was in the group with two victories at the front. Follow our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Jong Oranje. My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I love you tonight, at the level of the main EUROPEAN qualifier of the promises made at the Young in Portugal.

  • European cup-qualifier match
  • Jong Oranje-Jong, Portugal
  • Results:
  • 4-2

one hour ago

A smiling Calvin Stengs, and that is a good one. The winger, from a-Z with a goal and two assists against the Young in Portugal is once again on the added value for the Jong hour ago

Koopmeiners: ‘a-Z’men have been a tremendous addition”
“I’m a captain, and proud of the victory, crossing the finish line, pull up. We were very sloppy in the first half, but we are also what is more deadly, and more clever for the goal. It is said that there are four,” he says, speaking to captain just joe Koopmeiners at FOX Sports, following the 4-2 win by Young, Amber Young, (Portugal). What is remarkable is the fact that all four of the goals are scored by players from a-Z: Myron Baodu (twice), Calvin Stengs, and Koopmeiners. “With all of the AZ people want to be in the form of extension, and of the value of. We are in for a massive addition, and we all know each other very well.”one hour ago

This is a group of 7 following the 4-2 win by Young, Amber Young, (Portugal).

  1. A Young Orange, From 2 To 6 (9-3)
  2. A Young Portugal, 3 To 6 (8-4)
  3. A Young, White-Russia 3-4 (11-3)
  4. The Young Of Norway, 2 To 4 (3 To 2)
  5. The Young Cyprus, 3-3 (3-7)
  6. Young, Gibraltar 3-0 (0-15)

one hour ago

Rookie still doing shoots Jong Oranje to victory
Myron still doing it, shoots a Young Orange to be a major blessing to the Young of Portugal in the EUROPEAN kwalificatiereeks. The striker, who made his debut for the promises made by the national coach Erwin of Tanning, it will prevent the final loss of points for the Jong Oranje, had to win in order to keep on the direct line to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and by 2021 is: 4-2. Previously, he has also been the opening goal, and then a Young Portugal, it’s a lag fix. In the meantime, the scores are just joe Koopmeiners, from the strafschopstip. Calvin Stengs scores in extra time, still hour ago,90+4′ GOAL (Jong Oranje)! 4-2

Calvin Stengs suggests that the victory is safely in the lead, with a fine arsenal, with his left foot.the one-hour geleden90 ” There will be a four-minute hour ago –84′ GOAL in Jong Oranje. 3-2

Myron still doing it, shoot in reference to Calvin Stengs (Jong Oranje again in the lead against a Young Brazil.A 2-hour geleden81 Again for a great operation of martin Paes. It’s easy, I don’t have a nice slr, the puntertje of the Following to the return.A 2-hour geleden78′ Maarten Paes with a great salvation. It’s easy, saves be able to have a shot distance of the Young in Portugal.A 2-hour geleden67′ First exchange with a Young Orange – is Remarkable enough, Justin Kluivert at the end. Learn Gakpo is on the field.2 hours ago

The euphoria of just joe Koopmeiners, it is only for a short time. A young Portugal, scoring after ten minutes and again in the second half, after the 2-1, the team captain.2 hours ago,64′ GOAL to be Young in Portugal! 2-2

Fernandes scored from a free kick. He does Maarten Paes in the wrong corner. Jong Oranje-Jong, Portugal is once again in balance.A 2-hour geleden63′ Penalty for the Young in Portugal! He Wijndal keep in Queiros and caused a penalty kick. Of the city.A 2-hour geleden60 ” Justin Kluivert to try his luck from distance, but it will not be very successful. The ball is going to meters, next to it, and to the purpose.A 2-hour geleden54′ Rejected! Here is a Young Orange to be good, because the arbitration shall adopt a goal by the Young Portugal’s finished. Motta is in an offside from a free-kick, before the ball is excellent, breedlegt on a player who is effective print.2 hours ago –50′ GOAL in Jong Oranje. 2-1

How Koopmeiners takes out the gift of the arbitration, eager to get out from the eleven-meter. He shoots the ball into the bottom left hand corner of the goalkeeper, who is still in the area, but will need to surrender.A 2-hour geleden49′ Penalty for the Young Oranje. Calvin Stengs shoot at by some of the Portuguese against the arm of Tavares. Jong Oranje will get a cheap penalty kick.2 hrs ago –Kick-off! The ball is rolling once again in the Netherlands. In the second half of the Jong Oranje-Jong, Portugal, has been started.2 hours ago

Peace of mind! (Jong Oranje), after 45 minutes, just in line with the Young in Portugal. The promises made by coach Erwin of Tanning still in the lead thanks to a goal by rookie Myron still doing it, but it is not the item for, and collect, at the start of the peace was a worthy final of the Young in Portugal.2 hours ago –42′, GOAL is a Young Portugal! 1-to-1

There is a well-deserved end-of the Young in Portugal at the start of the rest. There will give excellent for the leader, Queiros, who is free binnenkoppen.2 hours ago

40’s, Young Orange, but difficult to get rid of the Portuguese press. The promises to be able to young game, a long ball forward and risk him.3 hours ago

The joy on the players, from the youngest to Orange after the opening goal from Myron still doing it, which is making its debut, so opluistert with a goal. However, the promises have the pressure on their Portuguese peers.3 hours geleden13 ” with the goal of Myron still doing it, take the Young of Portugal in the initiative. Goalkeeper Maarten Paes saves the day, this is great for on-shot distance from the Leão, after more losing of Ludovit Trip.3 hours ago there isan 8′ GOAL (Jong Oranje)! 1-0

Myron still doing is listening to his debut album for the Young, to Orange, after eight minutes with a goal. A shot by just joe Koopmeiners, is touched by a player, from the youngest to Portugal, leaving the ball with any fortune, the path of the Calvin Stengs is going to be located. The attacker will retain the overview and the features still doing it and don’t miss the opportunity. A goal of the E-type.3 hours ago

This elf is Young and Orange to tonight’s key points to conquer the at the Young of Portugal in the battle for a ticket to the CHAMPIONSHIP by 2021.3 hours agoKick-off! Myron still doing it, leave the ball in to The scotland the tun! Jong Oranje-Jong, Portugal has started.3 hours geledenDe songs are sounding at De Vijverberg. In a few minutes, go to the main EUROPEAN qualifier match between Jong Oranje and the Young in Portugal, from the start.3 hours ago

The Tanning will take for Portugal, not critical
“Portugal are a top team in Europe. We are going to us it to measure it, to see where we are at,” says head coach Erwin of Tanning in front of the camera on FOX Sports in the pre-game to meet up with a Young Portugal. The Tannin is speaking to the press on his team, for the placement of the I in 2021. “Well, you know, I don’t know. This is game number two for the team. If we win, it’s in a great location and the store is a good start. However, there are three points, which is a Tuesday as well as”, in which he refers to, in the away game against Young Ireland.4 hours ago

Myron still doing shows you are a generous smile to the photographer. The eighteen-year-old striker from the a-Z has reason to laugh about it, because he does tonight against the Young in Portugal, making his debut for Jong Oranje.4 hours ago

The international competition of Young Orange tonight against the Young country, as it is important to be considered in the EUROPEAN kwalificatiereeks. This is the state of affairs prior to the competition, in the Netherlands.

Position in group 7 is:

  1. A Young Portugal, From 2 To 6 (6-0)
  2. A Young, White-Russia 2-3 (10-2)
  3. (Jong Oranje) 1-3 (5 To 1)
  4. The Young Norway 1-3 (2-1)
  5. The Young Cyprus, 3-3 (3-7)
  6. Young, Gibraltar 3-0 (0-15)

To the top of their group will position itself automatically for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, by 2021, Hungary, and Slovenia. The two best tracks in two games in november 2020 and a play-off for the final ticket.4 hours ago

The players, from the youngest to Orange to inspect the boggy field in the Netherlands. For another 45 minutes until kick-off.4 hours ago

The young Orange meets tonight at De Vijverberg, Young Portugal, a major international competition for the placement at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS by 2021. The promises made by coach Erwin of Tanning, which is the last european CHAMPIONSHIP backfired, and meet with their peers from Portugal, the frontrunner in the group of the EUROPEAN kwalificatiereeks. In the centre of The country of the Spark will roll the ball to the 18: 30 hours.

Preparing The Young Orange – Paes; Zeefuik, Schuurs, Van Drongelen, Wijndal; Travel, White, Koopmeiners; Stengs, Still Doing It, Kluivert.

Preparing The Young Of Portugal: The Costa; Correa, Leite, Queriós, Nuno Tavares; Ferreira, Luis, One, There, Could; Leão, Car.4 hours ago

The young Amber has arrived in scotland the tun, for the important european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier against the Young in Spain. It was not until the establishment of the two countries.Back to top

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