Four Valentine’s day with, Vermeire & Verschueren

Four Valentine's day with, Vermeire & Verschueren

In Valentijndag, Friday, February 14, 2020 will occur to the expert of the Flemish laugh, Jacques, Vermeire, and original reporting by Luc Verschueren at the Versluys Dome with gym facilities, with some of their biggest zaalshow once again, “From 7 to 77”, a production full of illicit love.
On the day of love to celebrate the two men, after all, the grand finale to their new found friendship, and their return to the comedy circuit.

The return of the original duo from the Flemish stand-up comedy, after 24 years of separation since their reunion will be a blast of excitement and fun it causes.
“From 7 to 77”, and the seventh zaalshow, Jacques Vermeire, was, from the outset, vintage, Vermeire, with a pleiad of characters, and an initiator. And, thanks to the return of the original principal of Luc Verschueren is also absolutely fat free.
In order to meet the massive demand for extra tickets to accommodate, are proud to announce that the lord, in the meantime, a dozen or so shows in. Which…