Father’s Pedro Elias died

Father's Pedro Elias died

It’s the tv, the face of Pedro Elias, a 45-year-old presenter has had to say goodbye to his father.

Pedro Then shared the sad news on Instagram. With a photo of himself and his father on the plane, was the message, “Hasta siempre, Dad, Pedro. 1936-2019″. Elijah senior was 83 years old, and had been for a while, his health in the struggle. As the early eighties fright, the Then senior not to have a regular from germany into the netherlands and fly to the general public by the Control of Pedro” to sit on.

With the death of his father, and is yet another setback for the Pedro Elias and his family. His infant son, River, was a long time ago with leukemia and is now going to allow the fight to bring the disease to overcome it.