This is going to be the fans of Gert’s Late Night and don’t like to read

This is going to be the fans of Gert's Late Night and don't like to read

Nothing but happy faces Wednesday night at the premiere of ‘the Girl from the Late Night of The Movie at Kinepolis in Antwerp, in no small part to the presenters, Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke. Tonight, the curtain falls on the sixth season of their highly successful program. For George and James, were very tough for weeks, especially for a Girl, then. Over the past few months, the presenter is barely any rest, and even the schedule for the film has been adjusted to the fact contain. “In the past, which voortal to deal with the challenges, and staying up late. This time, though, our film is caused to our sleeping patterns are observed. Over the last few weeks, we took that film to all of you on Monday at the. It was often until 1 in the morning, and the week is already finished”, he laughs, Gert Verhulst, Thursday, in The Latest News .

When the Girl Late-Night back is it is clear. “We would like to have a few seasons to do it,” replied Gert Verhulst Wednesday night. But whether or not George Late-Night for the next year until the end of april or beginning of may, to come back, there they were: Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke, not a word about it.
Traditionally, at the end of the year, the ‘Girl from Last Year, this year, however, it is not. According to The Latest News, George and James, and this autumn is no time for the program. In november, the start of ‘The Battle’, it’s ‘Dancing With The Stars, George, and James are seated in the jury of ” The Smartest Man In the World, and the Girl must be the work of the afscheidsshows from ‘Samson & Gert’.

Tonight will be the fans of that ‘Girl from the Late Night “one last time “hello”. It was the last episode of season 6 of ‘the Girl from Late Night, and then there is the toppremière of Girl in Late Night, The Movie”. An adventure à la “Titanic”, on a bed, the ‘Loft’, with a bigger plottwist than ‘The Sixth Sense’, and finished with the legendary stand-up comedy of the ‘Colleagues’2.0’.