Saturday night was the final show of the Final Ladies ‘ Dope

801d032337c7aa254ada59ec4c8285ff - Saturday night was the final show of the Final Ladies ' Dope

Thank you DDD for the ‘ 90s Girl Power! In the ‘ 90s sensation-DEF DAMES DOPE place this coming Saturday in the Legendary 90’s XL’s final end. Their gig in Waregem, Expo, is planned for 1h.

Def Dames Dope it was established in 1992 by sisters Larissa, He Can-D-Cash) , and Axana Ceulemans (Snake) with the dancers of H2O & Tabasco. Just like The Spice Girls and had them each a name. Up to 1996, and they had their biggest success to date. In the summer of 1993, it won the Final Women goes to show, even with the Radio 2 summer Hit with ‘Ain’t nothing to it. And , “It’s OKAY, it’s All Right , they had their first number 1 hit! Def Dames Dope also made the top of the charts in the Czech republic, the United Kingdom, France, germany, australia, Canada, Israel,and the … In South Africa, was responsible for the group, even with the support of Latoya Jackson.

2016-2019 was the music of a wonderful and exciting time for the sisters, Larissa & Axana Ceulemans!

Some of the highlights of the last couple of years:
“IT’S OK, that’s ALL RIGHT” became a part of the Music Research team at PXL university College in Hasselt is proclaimed to be the most exciting Belgian song on Spotify.
they went on With the Job & Anke-to 2018’ to JOE
– on half-off hotels subscribe to Sam & Heidi were featured on their in the Wrong Caravan, as a result of the of Q-Music-Foute 128.
they set up their home to Lille in full on the day. during the Solving Party
and also on the Red Nose Day, Summerblast , Bruges, Dance D-Vision, of The Wrong Party, Qmusic, Song, City, The, Top-of-The – ‘ 90s in Brussels, At 90s , Roeselare and Waregem, belgium, the Wrong Night, Summerfest , Aalter, ‘Night Songs ’90s edition in Kortrijk, belgium, Moorsleeds Ambiance of the Festival, Top-of-The-90’s, Bad Night in Halle, belgium, Adriaen Brouwer, Bierfeesten, Mennefeesten Ingelmuster, Rumste Celebrations, christmas village and Km & Aalter, belgium, Faute Fanbal Bale, Jan, Major Feasts, Blue, Day, surrounds the natural way, but they will enjoy the energetic sisters!