Lochristi is on Kapellekenskermis

07008e1f3cb09a77a590f1d415e5003b - Lochristi is on Kapellekenskermis

Lochristi is slowly becoming the 74th Kapellekenskermis. On Friday, the 11th of October at 19 o’clock, she added. Monday evening, October 14, the celebrations will be terminated.

The highlight for a lot of people, it is the schlageravond on Sunday the 13th of October, which is also free of charge. As of 19 o’clock, in the tent of the Braamstraat to Kapelleken/Lochristi is a pack performances. It is good, it is made by someone Kaëll. In addition, even Dennie Damaro, Eveline Cannoot, Luc Steeno, Dennie Christian, Sam Gooris, for an evening filled with atmosphere and ambiance.