Kempisch couple takes a separate share in Belgium’s Got Talent

1af77f0c1a997937c1707caaca8bb48f - Kempisch couple takes a separate share in Belgium's Got Talent

As a couple, not together, but the solo is his chance to try for a operazangeresje that is in the middle of the roof is singing, and quite a few daring acts of the members of the jury for the scare: the 917.000 viewers – accounting for 40,7% of the market share (VVA 18-54, with a live+4) – last week, aanschoven for Belgium’s Got Talent, also on Friday, October 11, is good for a lot of entertainment and spectacle. The judges and the hosts with only Jens Dendoncker is on the fifth auditieaflevering have a Golden Buzzer. He returns that Friday off to have a talent that will take him omverblaast?

AnnaBella (30, Herenthout), and Peter’s Hands (32, Herenthout) met each other 5 years ago, hitch-hiking by the side of the road, and to form, since then, a couple of. Participating in Belgium’s Got Talent, however, they are not. AnnaBella will be the judges by surprise with a zeepbellenshow. Of the Russian’s dream to be an actress, but because she is in the Dutch language is not properly restrained, she came up with a different career path: that of the ” bubblequeen’. Peter is a very different cup of tea, stand-up comedy for teenagers. His act, he is responsible for his sister: “It’s her birthday, and I wanted to have a way to say thank you for all she does for me, what it sounds like. But when Peter starts to sing, get a number, suddenly a whole new dimension to…

For opera singers, Camille Beniest (14, du monceau de bergendal), it is the main stage of Belgium’s Got Talent, is known. As a 9-year-old, I took them all even in part, then, to no avail. After 5 years of hard training, she wants to once again make their voices heard. The members of the jury at this time, however, turned over to the imposing operastem? A young dancers are very bold, Friday, opportunity, 2SDC, Junior Crew (11-16) from that Year. Their bolhoedjes, and some funky dance moves, they strive for the world over.

For the performance of Ricardo Costa De Araujo (34, France) are the members of the jury, at the entrance of the Theatre, as expected. There was a huge round cage and plonked. “I’m not the only person in the world that a Harley Davidson this is the globe of death ride”, announces a More to it. What follows is a terrifying journey. The 30-year-old Julia is a Doctor (Laakdal, belgium) are playing with fire. In a literal sense, for he is a magician, and vuurartieste. And that’s just two things that don’t really appeal to the jury. An: I’m really afraid of the fire, and Stan is not a fan of the magical world.” Nevertheless, it is attempting to Julia with a torch and have a spectacular sea of flames, the jury’s enthusiasm for her act.