To bake in the summer

bbf7bc06eed4d2b56068a371bb44afbd - To bake in the summer

Over the last five contestants to bake this week, at the old-fashioned way. The signatuurgebak, it is a sponge cake like grandma would make. “This is for people to be able to,” says member of the jury as An. “When I was a small person in my pastry course was a biscuit of the first things I learned to make it.”
“My cake was just a dirty, poop!”

Jaline is struggling, still, with burning fingers, full of embarrassment. Her chocolate cake is also not to be expected. “This cake is just a dirty poop. Now I need to get some shit to give to the world.” That is noted, too, that the cake is not as smooth as the Jaline had hoped for. “A cake that looks as if there is fighting,” says Herman.

The technical test is a classic, you: a pudding-filled tracks. Lorentia don’t know what the wood arrows to make into a failed round of dough on the baking sheet, while the Wim is watching. “Your dough looks the same as churros,” quips he. On the water three days in the refrigerator has been.” The zwaantjes is nothing in the house, and in the last seconds of the decision, and they have a kit to make one. It makes a two spuitzakken, and some unfinished cream puffs on a plate. “Build your own swan!”