Thursday, George’s Late-Night Movie, the seizoensafsluiter of the Girl’s Late-Night

Thursday, George's Late-Night Movie, the seizoensafsluiter of the Girl's Late-Night

FOUR-and-Jones-Late Night worries Thursday night, October 10 for an exclusive toppremière with a Girl from a Late Night Movie. An adventure à la “Titanic”, on a bed, the ‘Loft’, with a bigger plottwist than ‘The Sixth Sense’, and finished with the legendary stand-up comedy of the ‘Colleagues’2.0’.

A murder of Evanna! After a tough BY-the party on the boat in the morning, a dead body has been discovered. Anyone who has been killed? Who is the killer? And why is that?! George and James, pulling against my better judgment, research. Their hoofdverdachten: all of the guests on the sixth season of ‘Girl from the Late Night, that happen to be
also at the party were present. And who’s BY-the party says, it says, of course: jealousy, envy, intrigue, and an occasional knife in the back.