Telenet will make the first season of the wtFOCK

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wtFOCK, it is the Flemish version of the SKAM, Norway, youth series, which is such a hype around the concept has been picked up for adjustments in, among others, Italy, France, germany, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States of america. The numbers don’t lie: wtFOCK proved to be a success, with up to 400,000 viewers under the age of 35 years, and 1 000 000 impressions per week on its platform, and at the same time, nearly 100,000 followers on their official Instagram account. Moreover, the makers of SKAM (NRK) called wtFOCK is the best remake so far. Yet, the series largely stayed under the radar in the press, and for an older audience. And that authenticity is now as it has contributed to the success of the series, both for viewers and advertisers.

WtFOCK can be distinguished from the mean (for young people series, on a variety of surfaces. First of all, it is a first series that was first released on the online platform, and then on to the SBS-channels, FOUR -, and FIVE-and-Play. The second is in the form of short clips, which are always on unannounced times throughout the week, “live” will be on Wednesday at 10u55), and, therefore, at this time, seem to be playing it. Thirdly, there are the characters, they are also effective in the character-to-follow, on social media, and Instagram stories of the year, for example, you can follow one of them around in a klimaatmars, which at the moment is really taking place in Brussels, belgium.

In spite of these distinctive features of the series have largely stayed under the radar in the media. That is, it is not a coincidence. Telenet & SBS have chosen to not to use traditional advertising, but to make space for grass-roots and guerilla marketing, so that the number of young people discovered it. There is nothing less cool than, “this series is where you and your parents all have to talk about”. Nevertheless, it also brought the parents and the teachers to see that there is something broeide with the youth during the last year.

The current jongerengeneratie – gene – Z- in the Flemish media landscape is already well-known as the white whale that everyone is chasing. The young people said that they have no more, and certainly not with local content. wtFOCK prove them wrong, Telenet and SBS did a study with more than 2600 in 15 – to 34-year-olds, and guess what? The question of the youth series, they have to know the make wtFOCK of the crown. Within the age group of 15 – to-20-year-old, turns out to be almost half of the series is to follow. In addition, once they have looked, they are absolutely hooked: the vast majority of them are watching it on a frequent basis (several times a week). Thus, I’d rate the series as good as Sex, Education, or Riverdale: young adult Netflix series, with a much higher budget and the corresponding marketing campaign.