The & Capture a taste of the world

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Sergio and Axel Daeseleire. The one magic for more than 30 years, is a unique blend of the exotic flavors from his koksmouw, but has hardly time to take a step ahead in the world. The other is a seasoned globetrotter, with a passion for good food. In The & Success: The hit from Wednesday the 9th of October, together, to go to Thailand, Japan, India, Mexico, Lebanon, Norway, to the nations that will make your mouth water. On this voyage of discovery for the ultimate in flavors, they come up to each other and themselves, constantly. With two strong personalities on a surprising road trip: that’s the fun, is assured.

During their trip, dip, Sergio and Axel are in the local flavour of each country. For some it is a greater discovery than the one for the other. To start, they do it in Thailand, according to the Health is a great country, for The. At the local night market to experience the chef’s an initial culture shock as he held the rat between a wide variety of fresh products, looks away. The duo is also see, and smell in particular – on how traditional fish sauce is made, and it is going to be in the South, ” back to the basics in nature. Sergio will be in Thailand in a absolute topdelicatesse with: bird nests. No cooking with minced meat and egg, but a real swallow’s nests, for which loads of money is consideration. Dare to challenge the sturdy boy, also has a traditional Thai tattoo to it, with a bamboo stick and an iron pin? During the long trip to their culinary bromance now and then it is put to the test. Especially for an uncomfortable night, as it turns out.

“No right to judge, are always the first to taste it. That’s the motto that I have The I have learned during this journey, and will let you Success. “And then, it may happen that when we went out schapentestikels to eat. Thanks Sergio, I have things to taste that I have never, ever in my life in my hand would be sticking out. The journey has taken me back passion to the nature, to draw, wild camping, fire-making. When we were in Norway, people asked me if we were in their backyard with a tent and were allowed to draw up, I will be 14 years of age.”