Annick Ruyts, with The Insomniacs on Canvas

e4f9b6ed56ecd137e5298c5a7eda3ef2 - Annick Ruyts, with The Insomniacs on Canvas

The insomniacs will examine Annick Ruyts, why do so many people like them and to feel comfortable. They will talk about it with experts and peers. Together, they begin to search for an answer to questions put to it, and, by extension, to 70% of the population, to stay awake. Why do we sleep? What is a good night’s sleep? What causes insomnia? What do people do during the night in order to sleep to get to the hotel, or just stay awake? And, above all, who is awake at this nocturnal hour, and why was that?

Annick Ruyts, it is well-known from programs such as Endless Love, To be Fond, and We Are From Belgium. In the past few years, she has been working as a eindredactrice Only Elvis Remains the same.

Over the past four years, suffered Annick from severe sleep deprivation. From her testimony, the program Hautekiet, a series on Radio 1 this spring, and the programme for The insomniacs.

A program that is on the frontier of science and human interest, about the desperation and frustration in the long nights, but it is also about the creativity and the beauty of the night.