Thuiskijkers show dancing, by Ann Pira down

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Television-watching Flanders, Sunday night will decide which Ann Pira of the following is not allowed to dance on ‘Dancing With The Stars”. Even though Ann Pira, on the basis of the points of the winner on a fourth place, she had to be Sunday night and the match was abandoned.

Victor Verhulst was one of the jury members with the lowest number of points, Christoff was in the netherlands in the last-but-one and Ianthe Tavernier ended up behind Ann Pira. The votes of the viewers are very different to those of the school, which was a Sunday evening once again. Victor Verhulst was thinking that he took his last steps on the dance floor in the back, and the surprise was great when he learned that he could go to the next issue. The son, Gert Verhulst, and realizes that he may not be the best dancer and this week, more on him to work out. Partner She has now been working overtime, with the young man, who, by the television-watching Flanders, it was not saved.