On Tuesday, a special edition of The Buurtpolitie

34016c942f4b3f842d7209f94121bfb8 - On Tuesday, a special edition of The Buurtpolitie

On the 8th of October, pay to the agent for The Buurtpolitie attention to Red Nose Day, which this year is on Friday the 29th of november and is expected to continue. The goeddoelactie of the VTM, Qmusic, APPROVE it and Work to put on this year at the mental, physical and social resilience of young people.

In the next few weeks is to really raise money for Red Nose Day, but on Tuesday, the 8th of October, the Buurtpolitie actors in front of a virtual piggy bank for people at home, warm actions on the ground. The commissioner, Roger (Willy Herremans) and the city and Patrick (Eric Smith) to go with pancakes, or bake in a pannenkoekenslag that.a. the parish priest has to be organized. Unfortunately, not everyone has a warm heart, and it appears when the arrow to the target feature at the point of sale.

The Buurtpolitie, Tuesday at 18.20 on tv.