The new single-Lissa Lewis

5f8c9881cf6d466556e210f41327c15e - The new single-Lissa Lewis

The Flemish nightingale with a golden voice… and a golden smile, is this years over 5 years and have it on the shelves! About 5 years ago, it was Lissa’s life is completely turned upside down and it was a big hit, having scored with its first single “Golden” Smile, ” and since then has surprised us time and time again, with its beautiful Dutch-language songs, always with a modern and youthful look. This past summer, drew Lisbon on the map of the summer’s atmosphere, and her new single “Live your Life” was one of the highlights of the setlist of her concerts, and, along with the singer and Her brought to Lisbon the previous summer, the delightful “Pick up ” But my Hand or fingers off.