Reactions after the victory of PSV in the ninth round (closed)

f9b1c46f24fe51b482b7c804bb77067d - Reactions after the victory of PSV in the ninth round (closed)

Reactions after the victory of PSV in the ninth round (closed)

06 October, 2019 11:49 pm
06-10-19 11:49 pm
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In the first Division, were on Sunday with four races on the program. Just follow the notes on the matches of PSV eindhoven, Ajax, Feyenoord and AZ in this liveblog.

  • Premier league
  • Results:
  • ADO-Ajax 0-2
  • Stood-Everton 4-2
  • PSV-VVV 4-1
  • Willem II-AZ-1-to-1

The PSV-VVV-Venlo · 32 minutes ago

Van Bommel: “In the first half we played very, very well”
Mark van Bommel is very pleased with the game play of the PLAYER, even if it was to his team until after a rest, he’s playing against VVV-Venlo, the netherlands. “It may sound strange, but I have found that in the first half, very well played,” the coach of the Locals at the FOX Sports. “It wasn’t spectacular, but I did all of that, we have the match under control and had. The second half was very good, and I am very satisfied with the way we played.”The PSV-VVV-Venlo · 41 minutes ago

Bergwijn: “When something like this happens, it puts football very little for
Steven Bergwijn is happy that he has his goal, has to be able to contribute to the 4-1-victory over PSV eindhoven at VVV-Venlo, as well as those that he presented it to his team mate Mohamed Ihattaren), whose father will this weekend have died. “We had a appje of the coach, and when we got to the club, again, that the news will be discussed. When something like this happens, it puts football a little,” says Bergwijn on FOX Sports. “OT held, it is small and compact. I am very happy that I have achieved. I have spent the last period of time, however, a lot of assists but as a goal, it was a long time ago.”The PSV-VVV-Venlo · the one-hour geledenEen good sign for PSV eindhoven following the team’s OT for Ihattaren:

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AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen18:51 am – October 6, 2019Eredivisie one day ago

This is the position in the Premier league:

  1. Ajax-9-23 (29-6)
  2. PSV 9-23 (26-6)
  3. A-Z 9 a-20 (19-4)
  4. Supports 9 to20 (18-13)
  5. Race 9-15 (18-16)
  6. FC Utrecht-9-14 (17-13)
  7. United 9th-14th (13 to 14)
  8. Heerenveen, the netherlands 9-13 (12-9)
  9. We’re going to have a 9-13 a (18-17)
  10. Willem II-9-13 (11-14)
  11. FC Twente-9-12 (17 to 18)
  12. FC Groningen is 9 to10 in (10 to 12)
  13. VVV-Venlo will have a 9-to 9 (10 to 20)
  14. PEC Zwolle is a 9-7 (13-21)
  15. FC Emmen is 9-7 (11-19)
  16. ADO Den Haag is 9-6 (10-18)
  17. Fortuna Sittard Is 9-6 (12-23)
  18. Manchester united 9-1 (8-29)

Willem II-AZ-one hour ago


The final whistle sounds in Tilburg, the netherlands. AZ will play with a 1-1 draw at Willem II, and she is in the final stage, a defeat, a missed penalty kick by Vangelis Pavlidis. How Koopmeiners bring the Alkmaarders in the first half, to lead from a penalty, after Mats Köhlert for the final drawing. In that he would get a E-spire is Myron still doing it, still red.Willem II-AZ-four-hour geleden90+3′ , Red-Z!

The Alkmaarders have come in extra time with ten men to stand. Myron still doing it get a second yellow card for pushing it and should leave the field.The PSV-VVV-Venlo-one hour ago

Over! PSV have had a very long time to be hard at OT, but the team of Mark van Bommel goes on to win big 4-1. The Locals walk with a goal to Ajax, which is still in the lead. Donyell Malen make the goal, and is now on a ten-Premier-league-matches in this season.

1-0 Bergwijn (61′)
2-0 Dumfries (65′)
3-0 Times (70’s)
3-1 Pachonik (73′)
4-1 Times (86′), Willem II, AZ-four-hour geleden90 ” There will be four minutes of stoppage time in Tilburg, the netherlands, where it is still a 1-to-1 position. He grabs one of the two teams are still winning?The PSV-VVV-Venlo · the one-hour geleden90 ” There will be three more minutes.Willem II-AZ-four-hour geleden86′ Penalty kick to Willem II to miss!

Vangelis Pavlidis fails to comply, the penalty will be to take advantage of. The Greek striker to blast well over.Willem II-AZ-four-hour geleden85′ Penalty kick to Willem II!!!

The ball goes to the corner after the hands of a Z-match At Wijndal.The PSV-VVV-Venlo-four hours ago,86′ GOAL in PSV’s! 4-1

Now that it is finally played out. Times will be cut away by Bergwijn and then, with his second of the game, against the ropes.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · the one-hour geleden85 Ryan Thomas! Have a good time in Eindhoven, the netherlands, as the scot is making his debut for PSV. For Gutiérrez.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · the one-hour geleden83 Really, in the issues decision, but the Locals also hunt with a full conviction on the greater goals.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · the one-hour geleden80 The second switch of the pitch, it is a fact of life: Doan moves to the side of a Konstantinos Mitroglou.Willem II-AZ-four-hour geleden77 a little fifteen minutes to go, and a-Z as it is close to the 1-2. Wellenreuther rescue at a free-kick from the Koopmeiners from just outside the zestienmetergebied.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · the one-hour geleden77′ OT his Cherry and let a ball loose, but PSV could not take advantage of. It is still 3-1.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · the one-hour geleden75, ” It’s going too far to say that the excitement is back in the city of Eindhoven, but the OT is far from won, and is on the hunt for more.The PSV-VVV-Venlo-four hours ago,73′ GOAL in OT! 3-1

Out of nothing, is still in strong position, the team from the Netherlands. Pachonik on the right-hand side of the penalty area and aangespeeld and smashes the ball hard into the far corner.The PSV-VVV-Venlo-four hours ago,70′ GOAL in PSV’s! 3-0

Also the top scorer of Times to find it. In the rush to escape an offside and shoot the ball and controlled the inside.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago

Steven Bergwijn is, therefore, very important for PSV after the break, at TOURIST information centre. The attacker gave himself up for the 1-0 and gave the assist to the 2-0, of Dumfries.Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geleden65′ my god! Almost to the edge of William II. A stunning free-kick from Ndayishimiye disappeared apart on the bar.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago –the 65′ GOAL in PSV’s! 2-0

It does not take long for the margin to be doubled by the Locals. The PSV will have a bit more space, and now, the headline in the Dumfries after a good action and a man of Bergwijn.Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geleden62 ” more than a quarter of an hour after the rest state is always 1-to-1 in Tilburg, the netherlands, where the rain is now pouring down comes to. The first is the one closest to the edge, with a kiezelharde a free-kick from substitute Mike’s Association Ndayishimiye.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago –62′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-0

There is, however, a little bit out of the blue, the edge to ADVANTAGE. The Dumfries forwards: Steven Bergwijn is deep, and the Dutch international to get the ball after the action, in the far corner.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · a 2-hour geleden60, ” We are being played in Eindhoven, the netherlands. OT is it so dangerous, but it is also real opportunity. PSV continues to struggle with the Task, and is often used opportunistically to the opportunities.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · a 2-hour geleden56 The first alternate player: Bruma comes into the side and Learn Gakpo is on the field.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · a 2-hour geleden55 Also, after the break, in relation to the energetic player. The Locals will play sloppy and come out but in dribs and drabs up to the opportunities.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · a 2-hour geleden50′ Ritsu Doan trying to Grind to reach a competitive ingedraaide the cross but the PSV striker had the ball.Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geleden46 in Tilburg, we are going to continue. Book the a-Z of the fifth competitiezege in a row, or it will deliver the Willem II, the Alkmaarders and the third is loss of points for this season?The PSV-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago –46′ We’re playing football in the Philips Stadium. In the second half, with PSV eindhoven-VVV is on the way…Fortuna Sittard-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

Tribe: ‘We have had years ago that played’
Jaap Stam puts his hand in his own bosom, after the blamerende 4-2 defeat of his team at Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. We’re just huge poorly done. This is extremely frustrating for all,” he complained to the coach of the Team, his formation and the goals will be very easy to saw, to give away. “We have to leave it with the cheese on the bread and eat it. Then, we will not adequately and directly, enough of that. It all starts with your club to win and be aggressive. It’s only right that the fans are disappointed and angry that we are even.”The PSV-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago

It was quiet in Eindhoven! PSV doesn’t play the best, and, therefore, may be OT the present (relatively easy) to stand. It’s only half, still 0-0.Willem II-AZ · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind!

In Tilburg, the netherlands the search for the team in the locker room with a 1-to-1-position. Koopmeiners bringing a-Z from a free kick on the edge, then Mat Köhlert for the second half: Willem II is responsible.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · a 2-hour geleden45 ” There will be a further two minutes.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · a 2-hour geleden43 ” there are two minutes left on the clock in Eindhoven, the netherlands. The lead for PSV before the break, or it might OT might be in for a surprise to deal with it?Willem II-AZ · 2 hours ago

The state is now 1-1 in Tilburg in the netherlands, but is just joe Koopmeiners brought to AZ from this free kick on the edge.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago

37 ” We are nearing the end of the first half. The PSV has, it is still not easy, and it is still 0-0 at OT. The visitor must first of all to defend them, but do not really have a tremendous opportunity away.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · a 2-hour geleden34′ After a beat is given, the Dumfries, the chance to get out of it, but the shot with the left is blocked. Then you are going to have a bet, Érick Gutiérrez in front of and Dumfries, the ball is no longer pointing at the target end of April.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · a 2-hour geleden32′ Times, do it from a distance of eighteen, but the use of the PSV’s top scorer is still high.Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geleden30′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-to-1

On the other hand, it is well done. A fast-paced attack of the team to bring Mats Köhlert the balance is in equilibrium. The German slide is a nice passje of Marios Vrousai, only for goalkeeper Marco Bizot, and slide the ball into the bottom right corner.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · a 2-hour geleden31′ MANU wins a free kick in a good spot. Break this spell for the Locals?Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geleden28′ my god! There is almost 0 to 2 to the right. Willem II goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther verkijkt is the first on a header And the White, but rescue is on the rebound from a-Z-sides.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · 3 hours ago

27′ PSV eindhoven has, as expected, but the parent is a party in your own home, but it is very smooth, it’s not. OT, the quantity of the preliminary reasonably under control, and it was in the early stages using this to Wright a good chance. It’s still 0-0.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · the 3-hour geledenHet in Eindhoven, in the 24th minute, and a minute-long applause for Ihattaren (number 24), and as a means of support for the young midfielder, who is his father is recently lost.Willem II-AZ · 3 hours of geleden22′ GOAL in AZ! From 0 to 1

How Koopmeiners kill the penalty easily and the score for the Alkmaarders, that is just dangerous, are by still doing it.Willem II-AZ · 3 hours of geleden21′ Penalty kick in AZ!

Myron is still doing it in the zestienmetergebied down by Country Saddiki. Referee Dennis Higler without a moment’s hesitation and put the ball in the corner.The PSV-VVV-Venlo · the 3-hour geleden17′ Michal Sadílek has the chance to get out of it after a good combination on the left-hand side, but the goalkeeper Thorsten Kirschbaum returns to the issue at hand.Premier league · 3-hour geleden12 ” So we have a little fifteen minutes, still no goals scored in the PSV-VVV, Willem II, AZ. In Eindhoven, were both teams had a chance, while we were in Tilburg, the netherlands no doelpoging have seen it.Back to top

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