Leen Dendievel to honor George’s Late at Night in a unique way

Leen Dendievel to honor George's Late at Night in a unique way

Leen Dendievel, there has been a unique week for her. The Home and the actress was a guest at the Evanna for George: Late Night, and she had only good words for them. Social media is creeping in and the pen is a magnificent tribute to the week that she spent with the hosts, Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke, and of course, her fellow guests on the boat, Katja Schuurman, and by Luc Appermont. For all the press the actress is a good explanation ready.

“You’re an artist in the media path, start, Leen Dendievel to her epistles on Instagram. “Is something amusing, and even less nice things to bring. The best part are the times when you will have the opportunity to do things that are unique. On the boat to stay, for example, where you get people to find you, otherwise don’t going to meet. A four-day “bootkamp” is where you do that, you are in the cradle are placed on ‘tv’. Work, and at the same time in the morning to be established by means of the production and the crew. Learn how to get to the entertainment venues, is a great way to fill up with the very best at what they do. And, above all, SILENCE.”

End up doing, Leen Dendievel, with a few nice words about the people they meet on Evanna. Luc Appermont is called Borrowing “a specialist in ‘pure-bred’. Friendly, personable, and a man of peace and knowledge, and, in particular, appear to be humorous!” In the Netherlands, Katja Schuurman writes, the Home, the actress is not only as good, or even very intelligent, talented, interested, attentive, engaged, and very, very witty!” And, also, to the moderators of the Girl’s Late-Night, cross-Leen Dendievel, her admirer, not under the seats or benches.