Huizenjagers be Geestenjagers at the Lys

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The Huizenjagers of the week can be a real ambiancemakers, Brad, Karen, and Artsiom sure to be a week full of funny one-liners, and a nice home. The Huizenjagers to stay in the beautiful Leie region, a region well-known for its clean, a few nice restaurants along the waterfront, and the bustling towns and cities such as Kortrijk and Roeselare.

Under the motto, Ladies First, the first Huizenjagers of the week, Karen. Karen and her husband were standing at the head of the family, Yvimat. Karen is proud to be in their office, and it shows that they are always out of it, she wears it almost daily for something-catching bright green, because it is the right choice for their business. She is results-driven, and not at the mouth of the cases, full of energy, and it will do it all for you for this week’s trophy to take home.

The Second Huizenjager is called the Italian, and it is not a typical real estate agent: – with him there is always the atmosphere is guaranteed! The eccentric Italian is the fun itself, but it is also a very hard worker. His goal is? The people are happy, do smile, and their to a new home, and help.

At only 24 years old at the counter is to Artsiom for the youngest this week. He is quick, eager and enthusiastic, in short, is the perfect mix for a great real estate agent! What’s Artsiom lacks in experience, he has filled up with ambition, and he is a real people person with a strong knowledge of the business. For the title, he wants to feel 100% soon enough.
“There’s somebody dead in the house?”

On Monday the 7th of October Following, and Having, as a young couple looking for their first home together. And it is not just a house: how to be more modern, the better. The duo’s love of the white, and clean, but don’t design it in their home. In addition, car enthusiasts Having a large garage with enough space for handling sessions, and for at least three cars.