Celebrate Halloween with the whole family in a Brand

177a6ca13fa863ca0a7f016e12de4b15 - Celebrate Halloween with the whole family in a Brand

As of Saturday the 5th of October, is a Brand dedicated to the fall Fiesta Theme. Due to the mix of gehalloweeniseerde attractions, beautiful scenery, haunted houses for the young and old alike, and lots of Halloween Specials on offer, visitors can make Halloween into a Brand and celebrate it with the whole family. New this year will be the magic illusieshow Elsewhere, in the haunted house Fantasylum a unique halloweenbuffet.
Fiesta Theme is perfect for the whole family. The best part of the attractions for the young and the old stitch on Halloween in a spooky style. In a Brand stops for Halloween, but not on the sites. This is everywhere in the park, thanks to a haunting beautiful scenery, including the beautiful scenery, and a numerous family. The little ones, look at their eyes, in a magic bellenblaasshow. Magus Utopia, then back to the illusieshow Elsewhere, to the park, and a brand-new spectacle full of special effects. There are also several haunted houses to explore, both for small and griezelaars as well as for the biggest daredevils.

In the evening, it is extra-creepy in a Brand. During the Fight Late on the 12th, 19th, 26th & 31st October and 1st and 2nd november, the park is open from 10 am to 21 pm. Thanks for the additional lighting, appropriate music, and rookeffecten experience of the families with a unique Halloween atmosphere in the park. Visitors can go up to 21 hours to enjoy the rides and Halloween Specials, and the evening ended with a musical fireworks display. The real Halloweenfans, the Theme Evenings are also available in the restaurant, merry-go-round for a one-off halloweenbuffet.