Bart De Wever is fooled by the NJC’s City Take On’ in the

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As of Monday the 7th of October, NRJ, though. Seven weeks is a long time takes over the radio station, the seven Flemish cities: Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, Mechelen, Kortrijk, Ghent, and Leuven, belgium.

NRJ is focused on active people who love living in the city. Therefore, it is going to be the radio station to city-dwellers (those who live, work or are visiting in the morning to record it. That it does, NRJ o.a. with a digital on NRJ City Guide, ” a free outdoor movie nights, and every Thursday there is a unique NJC to CAR-AOKE to the beat of the latest new songs. NRJ vehicles to bring you around the city, on the condition that you continue to sing. The week ends with a NRJ-Party.

The NJC, City Take-Over will start on October 7th in Antwerp, mayor Bart De Wever will give the kick-off. Ochtendshow-DJ Kim Muylaert & Michaël Joossens put it on the schedule for the “How-Well-Do-You-Antwerp-Quiz” : a test in Antwerp muziekkennis, ask about his favorite Antwerp spots, pick up his “quarrel” with the city’s singer, Laura Tesoro, and together with it the official start of the NJC, City Take-Over. Each week, the mayor of the department of the NJC’s festivities directly in his or her town in the course of pushing.

You can watch it via the