The Luchtpolitie looking for help

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Close to 600,000 viewers – accounting for a 32% share of the market (VVA18-54 live +2) and followed that last week with the thrilling chase of The Luchtpolitie. Also, in episode 3, they are in the first row, and if the pilots are to be called in to assist at a hell of a car chase on the A12. When the fugitives finally in a set, it scans the luchtpolitie it is a wooded area with an infrared camera. One suspect will immediately be besieged, a man hiding in the yard of a house. Even high in the top of a tree and escapes, and he is not at the level of the game.
“It’s not the first time that we are experiencing,” says PHD a Camera Operator with an Easy. “The trees have been very popular with the people that are on the roof, like a chicken, for example. There are also some that are quite funny, in a bus shelter to sit down, and hope that they have not seen before. There happen to be any of those things, but we are not in italy.”

The helicopters were to fly from the pursuit of a gang of thieves who are on the E17 would have gone. It’s going to be a well-organised gang, where the police have been looking for. The grondpolitie, and the team is up in the air in pursuit of the car. When the two thieves realize that they can die is to be at the time, they are on the run. Then suddenly, they stop in a corn field and run away. It’s the beginning of a real cat-and-muisspel.