Responses of four Premier league games on Fridays and Saturdays (closed)

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Responses of four Premier league games on Fridays and Saturdays (closed)

05 October, 2019 18:31
05-10-19 at 18:31
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The Club have been on Saturday Heracles Almelo-FC Emmen (2-0), Vitesse, FC Utrecht (2-1), Sparta Rotterdam-FC Twente (2-1), sc Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle (1-0) will be played. Click here to read all of the comments.

  • Premier league
  • Results:
  • Heracles-Emmen 2-0
  • Sparta-Twente 2-1
  • Vitesse-Utrecht 2-1
  • Heerenveen, the netherlands-THE 1-0

sc Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · 44 minutes ago

Over! sc Heerenveen to book the first thuiszege of the season. PEC Zwolle, as it is with 1-0 records. One of the Mountains, and is the author of the only goal. The Frienzen to climb to ninth in the rankings, THE state of the age of fourteen.Sparta-FC Twente-four hours geledenDeze reporter to leave the Race player, This Dervisoglu jam a while to get used to the English reporters, and before the Spartan player in a January transfer to the English language Brentford off.

The commentator on Fox, to think that Halil is suddenly no longer speak, after his transfer to England, 😂 #spatwe #race #foxsports #dervisoglu


AuteurGerard HoldtgrefeMoment of plaatsen22:05 am – October 5, 2019sc Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geleden90 ” There will be four minutes…sc Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geleden88 a couple of minutes left on the clock. Win Heerenveen in the duel or it takes UNTIL a point of it?Vitesse-FC Utrecht-one hour ago

Paes calls it the blunder of a classic
Maarten, Paes was of the weakling at Vitesse and FC Utrecht, he had an easy bet on Tim Matavz due to his legs slipping. Compared to FOX Sports, he says soberly at his blunder. “As a young keeper, do you not have a linear line-up. We all know what great music looks like, and this one is a classic. I don’t want to be smaller than it is, but it’s perfect. After that, I got the courage displayed.” ” sc Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geleden81 In the can Chidera Ejuke the game to decide, but the attacker has to shoot at the goalkeeper Mous is Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geledenNog a quarter of an hour to go in the Past. The home side have more of a right to the 2-0 than THE on in the 1-to-1, but for the time being, visitors can still view at as a Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geleden70′ Lennart Thy can use, that is, from a promising position, but the ruler of THE targets is still far off the Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geleden63 ” here comes Wigan are almost at 2-0. Full Lucas Woudenberg to try it with the right hand, and hits it over the goalkeeper Xavier Mous are also still in the Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geledenVoormalig of the sc Heerenveen player is Michel, Vlap has provided for his old club. The arsenal plays now for Anderlecht.

👋 | Hoiiiii @Michelvlap
#heepec @scHeerenveen


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen22:00 pm – October 5, 2019sc Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle is one from an hour ago

For example, From the Mountain just before the break for 1-0, on behalf of the pediments and the Friezes. This setting is 55 minutes and is still on the board. In the second half, and, as yet, little has Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the 2-hour geleden46 ” We are playing football again at the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Heerenveen, the netherlands-the ACADEMY (1-0) started the second company in…Premier league · 2-hour geledenDe to profit from the Short and the Motor does not provide any new leads, but it is an interesting top five in the Premier league:

  1. Ajax-8-20 (27-6)
  2. PSV eindhoven is 8-20 (22-5)
  3. Supports 9 to20 (18-13)
  4. AZ-8-19 (18-3)
  5. Race 9-15 (18-16)

Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

Vitesse to win thanks to a mistake from the Paes of the FC Utrecht
Sprint does have the three points in your own home. The people from arnhem to beat on their own field, FC Utreccht 2-1. FC Utrecht had, in terms of spelbeeld might be right on the lake, but a mistake by goalkeeper Maarten Paes are doing, which team in the tie.

⚽ Goal:
Clark, Matavz (Short)
Maher (FC Utrecht, Sparta Rotterdam-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

Over! Thanks to Bryan Smith win, Sparta Rotterdam, however, FC Twente: 2-1. In the End, climbing to fifth place in the league table, and provide for the Tukkers to their third defeat in a Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago andIt’s just peace of mind! Wigan lead 1-0 against PEC Zwolle, thanks to the Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago there areis a 45′ GOAL sc Heerenveen, the netherlands! 1-0

Just before the break, is still to be found in the Dutch province of Friesland. One of the Mountains is pretty, and throws the ball up against the ropes.Sparta Rotterdam-FC Twente · 2 hours ago –88′ GOAL of the Race! 2-1

The race will benefit the male more time on the field. Bryan Smith turns to the People, at 2-1. The midfielder takes a high ball well, is free, and noted that the ball shot into the top corner.Sparta Rotterdam-FC Twente · 2 hours ago –86′, Red for FC Twente.

Julio Pleguezuelo after the intervention, the value at risk to leave for an elbow. FC Twente should be the absolute final stage, with ten men.Premier league · 2-hour geledenDe final run in Rotterdam and Arnhem in the netherlands. Sparta-FC Twente is always a 1-to-1, while the Short-a 2-1-a lead to defend, against FC Utrecht.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago –68′ GOAL is Speed! 2-1

What a blunder from the keeper of Paes! Matavz bet, it is actually not dangerous, but the keeper let the ball through his legs to slip through. Vitesse is in the lead!Vitesse-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden63 Willem Janssen will be the first on the bill is thrown out by Coopers. He gets a yellow.Club · 2 hours ago

In the three matches in the Premier league, which is now in progress, is to have an equal position on the board:

  • 60′ – Vitesse-Utrecht, The Netherlands 1-By-1
  • 64′ Sparta-Twente, 1-To-1
  • 20 ” in Heerenveen, the netherlands-THE 0-0

sc Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the 2-hour geledenEen minutes played, in the province of Friesland in Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle, the netherlands. The real opportunities are not there yet, and so, it’s still 0-0.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden46 Now roll the ball in Arnhem, the netherlands!Sparta Rotterdam-FC Twente · 3 hours ago,51′ GOAL for FC Twente. 1-to-1

It is soon to be the king! A shot of Aitor is to change direction, which makes Calvin Verdonk (may turn up in the second post. The first is his effort to be turned in, but the rebound goes in.Sparta Rotterdam-FC Twente · 3 hours ago –48′ GOAL of the Race! 1-0

After the break, it is, however, a quick tap on The Castle! Halil Dervisoglu, is found in the depth of field and get the shot before the Race.Sparta Rotterdam-FC Twente · a 3-hour geleden46 In Rotterdam, it rolls into the second act of the Sparta-Twente (0-0).sc Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · the 3-hour geleden1, ” The ball is rolling in the province of Friesland in the final duel of the evening in the Premier league. What can Heerenveen, the netherlands, and the ACADEMY?Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago

Oussama Tannane in the first half, with a stretcher on the field and behave appropriately. The attacker twisted his knee, and that didn’t work out Heerenveen-PEC Zwolle · 3 hours ago

At 20: 45 starts in the last Premier league match this Saturday. In the province of Friesland, these are the line-ups:

Heerenveen, The Netherlands: In The Late Evening; Floranus, Dresevic, Botman, Woudenberg, Netherlands; Council, Faik, Kongolo, From The Mountains, Odgaard, Ejuke

PEC Zwolle are: Mous; Hammer, Lachman, Kersten, Van Wermeskerken; Saymak, Thy, Clement; Bel Hassani, Ghoochannejhad, JohnsenVitesse-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago,in Arnhem, we are going to rest! Speed came over to Clark, at 1-0, but because of Maher’s halfway through 1-to-1.Sparta Rotterdam-FC Twente · 3 hours agoIt has been quiet in Rotterdam. No goals in the first 45 minutes, so it’s 0-0 at Sparta-FC Twente.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden41′ in The second half from the visitors was well deserved, to name a few. FC Utrecht has a lot more attempts than that Speed in the first half.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 3 hrs ago –the 38′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-to-1

It is the same in Arnhem, the netherlands. Adam Maher takes a meter or two out of it and the ball flies into the corner. Goalkeeper Remko Pasveer, there doesn’t seem to expect and respond to as of late.Heracles Almelo-FC Emmen · 3 hours ago

Over! Heracles Almelo will win in their own home by 2-0 to FC Emmen, the netherlands. Cyriel Dessers and an own goal by Keziah Veendorp take care of this place. The team from Almelo, the netherlands, it climbs to six in the Premier league, while FC Emmen is now the number fifteen is.Sparta Rotterdam-FC Twente · a 3-hour geledenNa and a half hours, both clubs are in The Castle and all of the opportunities, but for the time being, it’s still 0-0. The winner of this game will climb on the leaderboard towards the end of the Premier league.Premier league · 3-hour geledenHalverwege in the first half, leading Short-so it is with 1-0 against FC Utrecht, and the maker will have the people from arnhem is just as well as Ajax and PSV eindhoven for twenty points. At Sparta, FC Twente and it is still 0-0, and Heracles in Almelo, the netherlands leads 2-0 against FC Emmen.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago

The point is that by Clark for the 1-0 on the board for the home team.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago there isa 10′ GOAL is Speed! 1-0

Max Clark-break the spell early on in the Incident. The defender and blasts it in after a goal from Oussama Tannane.Heracles Almelo-FC Emmen · 4 hours ago,59′ GOAL United! 2-0

The pattern seems to be coming from the Veendorp, and, therefore, it is an own goal. United doubles down in any case, the edge at FC Emmen, the netherlands.Premier league · 4 hours ago1 ” We are playing football now in the city of Arnhem, and Rotterdam, the netherlands: Vitesse-FC Utrecht-Sparta-FC-Twente will start their first half.Heracles Almelo-FC Emmen · 4 hours geleden55 Ball to the line and disposed of! United, it is thanks to the fumbling around in the Emmen defence, to close at 2-0, but Emmen have to work the ball away.Heracles Almelo-FC Emmen · 4 hours geledenIn the rest was in the spotlight for a moment on Brandley Kuwas. He said good-bye to the audience.

❤️ | Brandley Kuwas will also be saying goodbye to the audience at the banks for @HeraclesAlmelo.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen19:31 – October 5, 2019Heracles – FC Emmen · 4 hours geleden52 ” There is still much to do in the first few minutes after the rest. Emmen, tap the ball for a look around.Heracles Almelo-FC Emmen · 4 hours geleden46 ” We play football in Almelo, the netherlands. In the second half, and it’s on its way…Heracles Almelo-FC Emmen · 4 hours ago

It’s peace of mind! Heracles Almelo-results, in your own home with 1-0 against FC Emmen, thanks to a run of Dessers.Heracles Almelo-FC Emmen · 4 hours geleden45 ” There will be two more minutes…Heracles Almelo-FC Emmen · 4 hours ago

Dessers will celebrate the feast to the fans of Heracles in Almelo, the netherlands. The peak draw and the 1-0 against FC Emmen in for his fifth hit in the Premier league this season.Back to top

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