‘Red Sandra’ lost the first teaser trailer

cd9407133602e7791422ecafe9eeef48 - 'Red Sandra' lost the first teaser trailer

The new movie of Jan Verheyen, and Him Also – ‘Red Sandra’ is canned. After 32 days and the like, and there’s plenty to be mounted. An initial teaser trailer already gives a taste of the film.

While the crew was shooting to put out there again is a similar story with the headline, at, what a day of mixed feelings made by the cast and crew. The situation of the baby’s Movements, and laid the finger on the wound: the story of Sandra, 10 years later, there’s still topical.

Synopsis: William and Olga are getting unexpected the diagnosis of their only daughter, Sandra (6) suffers from MLD, a rare muscle disease. She still has about a year to live. In the realm of the family to return to each other. The father refuses to give up hope, and threw himself into a furious battle against the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.