To book Toni Coppers come under fire

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There has been a lot of buzz created about the book, “The forgotten girl” by Toni Coppers. In may, the book is by successful author, and now recognize it to be one of the readers of the book of her life story. The woman went to a psychiatrist for her trauma and is now in the opinion of the lady in question, that is, in the book of the Coppers, the story is that they’re in the fragrances and colours of its psychologist told. Of the Coppers, it is known that it is not just a book, and he talks regularly with our specialists, and no mistakes to write down. These are the words Coppers, effectively, and with the psychologist of the woman, who is now a complaint has been submitted. But, according to the Coppers, it was the story of a woman never told you about, have been talking about the hypnoseproces. In any case, there are names or information in the patiëntencase, a story of the traumapsycholoog on Facebook can confirm. The man has, in his turn, decided to file a complaint for libel, slander, and defamation of character for the woman to submit.