This guy will replace Willy Sommers in the Girl’s Late-Night

4e9cb4e18c314ecc54e35660d1d29717 - This guy will replace Willy Sommers in the Girl's Late-Night

The number six is on the way. The number six? Indeed, in the sixth week and final week of the current season of the George Late-Night. After next week, we are going to George’s Late Night and had to miss it, even though it is in november to return to The Battle. It’s been a busy day for the editors of Girl in late Night, due to the death of the mother of Willy Sommers had all of a sudden one of the other guests wanted to be. The button was a Friday afternoon, a great evening, the FOUR had let us know that Pat Krimson Monday, will move on to the Evanna. Also, Siska Schoeters and Remco Evenepoel catch up this weekend for their bags.

Jones: Late Night, Monday through Thursday, at FOUR years old.