The winners of My Pop-uprestaurant in a battle with each other

The winners of My Pop-uprestaurant in a battle with each other

Birger Allary, and Charles Knockaert won the match in 2017, the VTM program, and My Pop-uprestaurant with the ‘Tjops’, but for now, the two with their blades facing each other in the court of law. Commitment to the process? In their game…

It should not come as a surprise that in a financial question lies at the heart of legal debates. In addition Tjops formed, they are also a Weber Grill Academy. But when the Tjops in a hard paper and came to sit down, Karel decided on their own that the job is going to go with the Tjops, as Birger said goodbye to the cateraarsbestaan, and have more time for his family and wanted to be. Birger has focused more and more on the Grill and the Academy.

After that, separation was the friendship of 24 years, has come under pressure. Charles claims that Birger is explicitly stated in the case, while Birger once again be a part of the profit and claims now that the weather is better to go with the Tjops. However, according to Charles, is that full income and Birger’s nothing more to the current successes.

Both of which have a lawyer is taken and the corpses are still in the court of law in the eyes. Neither Birger nor Charles want to comment on the lawsuit Wednesday, has been initiated. A decision will follow as late as 2020…