The VTM is running with the clock all night back in 1978

f1b3a828ce05748b5ce9d24dd809cf80 - The VTM is running with the clock all night back in 1978

On Saturday the 5th of October, the VTM-viewers-an all-night immersion in the spring of 1978. In the year in which the first and proefbuisbaby to be born, and the first Lotto draw, it’s a fact, and the film of Grease is showing in cinemas to appear. Dust, time for a new one, What a Year!!! -the episode, which will be Saturday will be animated by Piet Huysentruyt, Frank Vander linden. Right after that, you can enjoy John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s classic Grease, which is for a Year!!!, at 21.40, it will be broadcast.

In 1978, there is not a day goes by without an Abba song on the radio and hear it. Especially for What, a Year!!! were Natalie and James, therefore, has been transformed into Agnathalie Meskens, and Bjønas Of the screen. In between all of that, the musical spectacle of the search for two young men in 1978 and have their way. Frank Vander linden is a young boy of 16 who is addicted to his guitar. Piet-Huysentruyt has escaped in ’78 right at the death, when he was in a traffic accident, will be under the wheels of a tientonner. That near-death experience, for Pete’s signal to finally start doing what he really wants: to be in the jars, stirring all the time.

Visit the theatre company on Saturday, from überschurk Darth vader, who is seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. What a lot of people don’t know is that Darth vader is a nice piece, you can sing. Or better yet, the company that is behind the mask is hidden. Those who recognize it as the first of the company’s behind the mask?