The Queen re-time favourite of the Joe-people in the Top 2000

d3f51ded7333933c5b56e3e2d9514e76 - The Queen re-time favourite of the Joe-people in the Top 2000

The twelve days were with Joe in the 2000’s favorite albums of the listeners at the Top of the year 2000. Never before has there been so much as voted for in the top 10 of the list, there are more than 25,000 ballots were cast. For the third year in a row, dominated by the Queen, with Bohemian Rhapsody at number 1. At 2, Abba by Dancing Queen. What’s new in the top 3 Child in Time by Deep Purple, it provides a firm scaffolding of the place of 7 to 3. For the occasion, took Joe and dj’s Raf, Brussels, Rani De Coninck and Alexandra Potvin the pictures of the artists in the book.

Even though the top 3 position, shake it to the Joe-the listeners, the cards of the top 10 from each other. How can the dancing of Marco Borsato, Davina Michelle, Armin Van Buuren, which in a short time it became popular, it comes as a new entrant at number 6. This is the first time that such a number is so high it ends up in the Top 2000.

The success of this song is also at home in the earlier the band, Marco Borsato. Red has been in the top 100, It increased from 256 to 115, and Daughters, increasing to more than 1000 sites, from 1194 to 134.

In addition, Marco Borsato, it is Lady Gaga and any other prominent newcomer, and her first roll of film, everything to do with it. Along with Bradley Cooper comes in at 58 with a Shallow. As Always, Remember Us This Way, and ends up at number 151.