The new episodes will be The doctor’s, Bea’s show to start

The new episodes will be The doctor's, Bea's show to start

On Friday, October 4, starting at the result in a new set of episodes with The doctor and Bea in the show. Doctor, doctor Bea, Eva Van der Gucht) is going to be in to her show each week, vrank en vrij, and with a great deal of humour, looking for answers to specific questions from the kids about anything that has to do with their bodies, sexuality, love, and relationships. They are, however, with the help of the experts, a puberpanel of young and professional experts, and celebrities.

In four new episodes, is going to the doctor to Bea in search of the answers to the questions around the following four themes. Menstruation, stds, and the use of a condom, nude/ ‘sexy’ and ‘gender’.