Shortly after his revealing of the album title, ‘Crossroads’

Shortly after his revealing of the album title, 'Crossroads'

A good three-year evening only, Dancing is shortly after his return with their thirteenth Dutch-language album called ‘Fork in the road’. It is a very honest and emotional album, and Koen, and William to think, sincerely, that she’s never been all about collection of the penalty of the songs on one album before. And, that is to say, they are not as often in the classical promopraatje you vòelt, just that they are really proud of their new album, which is perhaps the most proud of in their career.

You will find that shortly after his this album, and with oh so much enthusiasm, has made. The choice alone of what is the issue now is whether or not the record came out, it was a long-term project. Koen and Kris decided to turn on the truth – all of the songs, which is what the obligation was, lyrically or musically, it no longer appears in the list. And in the end, the men are stranded at 14 and great great songs. A great, grown-up pop music, such as Clouseau, who can make it. One of the song’s content is already easier to digest than the other, Koen, and William to go to the more difficult stuff out of the way, but they work through it.

That’s a little bit of the red thread of the album. Some of the numbers will show you how to clean it and engaging in the life and the love of his other songs, showing the less attractive side of love, and they’ll be hard to wriggle out of get. Therefore, the choice of Fork in the road ” as the album title is not does not make sense.