Oranjevrouwen to rest on a 1-to-1 against Slovenia

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Oranjevrouwen to rest on a 1-to-1 against Slovenia

04 October, 2019 18:33
04-10-19 at 18:33
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The Oranjevrouwen on Friday at 19: 00 hours, and against, Slovenia embarked on their third european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier. The team of head coach Sarina Wiegman has been damaged, but it should be in a position to be considered for the third match in a profit in order to continue. Follow our liveblog.

  • European CHAMPIONSHIPS-qualification
  • The third groepsduel
  • Slovakia-Orange (1-1)
  • Kick-off 19.00 hrs

Oranjevrouwen · 8 hours ago

It’s peace of mind! The Oranjevrouwen came to a very surprising season, but Miedema is halfway between 1-to-1. It will, however, need not be the reigning European champions.Oranjevrouwen · up to 14 minutes geleden40 a few minutes to rest in the Slovak republic. There would be an opportunity or even a goal at the Oranjevrouwen?Oranjevrouwen · 19 hours geleden36 Slovenia will once again be dangerous, but Dominika Conc will not be achieved with a great through ball.Oranjevrouwen · a 20-minute geleden34 After a good attack, Peter Jones, in the sixteen was found in the Dark, but for the efforts of the winger lacks power.Oranjevrouwen · 24-geleden30 and Orange, it is still not satisfied and on the hunt for the 1-2. Was the Dark trying to a bet placed by a meter or two, but in the domestic doelvrouw Zala Mersnik is not a surprise.Oranjevrouwen · 25 minutes ago

It was Miedema and her 64 hits in the Dutch national team.Oranjevrouwen · 27 minutes ago –28′ GOAL Oranjevrouwen! 1-to-1

The first real chance of the Orange one to the right, touch. Top scorer Vivianne Miedema is on alert at the second post and then, in a low cross from the Beerensteyn simple in. The netherlands is next to Slovenia!Oranjevrouwen · is a 28-minute geleden26 Slovenia, is currently no. 53 in the world (the Netherlands is the third). The difference is not in the field. The Oranjevrouwen are still looking, always with a 1-0 gap of.Oranjevrouwen · 33 minutes and geleden21, ” It’s for the best, at the end of the Orange. The European champion was not in a position to be a real opportunity to come out and play sloppy. Slovenia’s dig in and find it, as well.Oranjevrouwen · 37 minutes ago

17 in A situation that calls for the Oranjevrouwen, for the team, Wiegman came kwalificatiereeks has not previously been in arrears. How does the Netherlands have?Oranjevrouwen · 41 minutes and geledenDit is the first tegendoelpunt the Oranjevrouwen in those WHO kwalificatiereeks.Oranjevrouwen · 44 minutes ago,11 and a GOAL for Slovenia! 1-0

What’s going on here? The Oranjevrouwen come to a very surprising season at the little Italy. The way Zver shoots a close eye on the rebound after She let in the first instance, have to rescue, can bring on a case of the home team.Oranjevrouwen · 44 minutes geleden10′ in The field, in the stadium, Fazanerija, it is not really about the money. The question is whether or not the Oranjevrouwen to be prepared for it.Oranjevrouwen one hour geleden5, ” As expected, the Oranjevrouwen the ball against the Slovenians. A true opportunity for the team to Sarina Wiegman has not come yet.Oranjevrouwen-four hours ago, the1 ” to get The ball rolling! Slovenia-Oranjevrouwen is on the way…Oranjevrouwen one hour geledenDe players are on the field. We are going to have a few minutes to start, and Slovenia-the Netherlands in the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier.Oranjevrouwen one day ago

This is the stadium where, Slovenia, the Netherlands, will be completed. The Oranjevrouwen to play in their own country, often in front of thousands of spectators, but that’s about it tonight, not in it.Oranjevrouwen one hour geledenDe array of Orange, had already been referred to. Here are the names of the republic of Slovenia see:

The @oranjevrouwen may be back again tonight in the battle for EUROPEAN qualification. In slovenia, the number 3 in the group, with the opposing team.
Here are the lineups for #SVNNED:


AuteurFlashScore.nlMoment of plaatsen18:15 – October 4, 2019Oranjevrouwen one day ago

The warm-up is about to begin!


AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen18:23 – October 4, 2019Oranjevrouwen one hour geledenWat the Oranjevrouwen tonight and to do so in the EUROPEAN qualifier against Slovenia?

  • Win
  • Loss
  • Equal

Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago

What do the Netherlands and Slovenia in the EUROPEAN qualifier?

The netherlands:

  • Estonia-Oranjevrouwen 0 To 7
  • Oranjevrouwen-Turkey 3-0


  • Slovakia-Russia 0-1
  • Slovenia, Kosovo, 5-0

Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago

Lineth Beerensteyn to play later on in her 5️⃣0️⃣th international 👏👏


AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen17:51 am – October 4, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago

This is the position in EUROPEAN qualifying group of the Oranjevrouwen:

Group, A

  1. The netherlands: from 2 to 6 (10-0)
  2. Russia: 2-6 (5-0)
  3. Slovakia: 2-3 (5-1)
  4. Kosovo: 2-3 (2-5)
  5. Turkey 3-1 (0-5)
  6. In estonia 3-1 (0-11)

Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago theArrangement With the eleven names that begin with the Oranjevrouwen at 19: 00 hours on the game with Slovenia. Lieke Martens, Jackie Green, Kika van Es, Shanice van de Sanden, and Stefanie van der Gragt, are non-existent and, therefore, there is a base location, for example, Peter Jones, Jill Roord, Lineth Beerensteyn and Merel van Dongen.

This 1️⃣1️⃣ we are going to soon be the place to start!
The match will begin at 19: 00 and the live show of the week.


AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen17:45 pm – 4 October, 2019Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geledenDe Oranjevrouwen come to the capital city of Slovenia.

🚌 We were there!


AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen17:34 am – October 4, 2019Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geledenOver an hour and a half to start the Oranjevrouwen to their third european CHAMPIONSHIP kwalificatieduel. Slovenia is the enemy. We’ll have to wait in the line-up.Oranjevrouwen · 5 hours ago

‘The Duel with Slovenia, a great opportunity for the young players’
The Oranjevrouwen miss out on tonight’s european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier, is on a visit to Slovenia in five experienced players, who will usually be starting. That offer, according to striker Vivianne Miedema the space of a few talents to show themselves. For the new players, this is a very good opportunity to be themselves, to let them see it,” says the 23-year-old Miedema, who is now one of the veterans goes. “They’re doing the things that I was about three years ago, it did. They were all just a little more nervous, but, luckily, that integrates everyone in the group.”Oranjevrouwen · 5 hours geledenTien you need to know about the soccer team he has been a member of the Netherlands against Slovakia tonight. The orange has played in two previous occasions against the Slovenia women’s (and won) both games.

🔟 Facts about Slovenia – holland, the Netherlands:
#SVNNED #EKkwalificatie


AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen14:24 – October 4, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 7 hours geledenHet european CHAMPIONSHIP-qualification programme (atqp) in the group of the Orange.

⚽ ️ , This is the program for our group in the present. The match between Kosovo and Russia, has been postponed.


AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen12:23 – October 4, 2019Back to top

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