Leen Dendievel: “I have to be in a ‘home away from Home’ to stay?”

ce5a035a295f749b849054c6478b09a3 - Leen Dendievel: "I have to be in a 'home away from Home' to stay?"

A few years ago, Leen Dendievel as the opportunity to play the role of a Map is to play in a ‘home away from Home’. It was the third to audition for the television show, in the second, earlier efforts to play a role in the soap opera is playing, it went wrong. Third time lucky, and so was allowed to Borrow the work one of the most popular Flemish soap opera. The role of the Map to play is quite a challenge for a Dendievel, Map, then, is a transgender woman.

James Cooke, had been on Loan on Thursday as a guest in Bedgeheimen and asked if can Borrow it already been thought of for ‘the Home’ has to stop. “I get up every day to join in. And for once, my gut instinct is to indicate that enough is enough, it will be enough.” However, seem to be fans of a ‘home away from Home’, however, sleep peacefully at night, Leen Dendievel, it will still be a while for the soap to be seen.

Borrowing the image of a tough woman to be, that is, James did not fail to notice. According to Dendievel, has to do with the fact that they were “just straight-forward” basis. For the last few years on Loan in his own words, it’s a different person now. “For me He will have to get to know, I am a lot faster and exciting. That’s really an issue of “you can lose it’. He has made me complete, made. We say sometimes to each other, we really do have to love like in the movie.