Tom Audenaert, plays a starring role in the thrillerreeks

3a95073ad0f75baef9e76f22cb325145 - Tom Audenaert, plays a starring role in the thrillerreeks

Tom Audenaert, in the us, known as d.a. The “Quiz me quick” and “Luizenmoeder”, it is also popular in the walloon region. After “La trêve”, and “Défendre public” is a “Unit 42” is already the third series, which is the Eastern part of Flanders, an actor, to be seen, it is about the language.

In the Copies we read this for Tom Audenaert, in the role of Bob In production. This is the only Fleming in the cyber crime unit of the Brussels police department. “Unit 42” is a dark, policier, where is Bob, the light-hearted note creates. According to the Flemish actor, this is a very good tv, because there’s already a second season are included. In addition, the series on France 2 are shown, where it is between all of valves is planned.

The first season of the “Unit 42” was perpetrated by the three respondents, namely, to Indra, Roundabout, Roel Mondelaers and Henry Members. So, Tom Audenaert on the set of let’s what comes. For a guy who was a secondary school-in her own words in French about his poor marks, he’s still far.