Thursday night into Today

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The guests Today, Thursday, October 3,

In the mind of a serial killer on our hands
Stephaan De Lion, known as the jolly window cleaner, as well as a serial killer on our hands. The 55-year-old man from antwerp is well-known, this week, for the murder of three women in the mid – ’90s. What are your thoughts about a serial killer and a psychopath to tell the difference? Lawyer Walter Damen, advocates in the court in murder cases, and defended all of the various serial killers, gerechtspsychiater Rudi Verelst’t for us, the mind of a psychopath.

The first time to work together
For #teamPia was Sandra Massart. She was suffering from MLD. A rare disease where the researchers have no drug charges were. Father, William, fought for many years against the pharmaceutical industry, in order to find a cure, and with great success. Jan, Most of all, there was, along with his wife, Him Also in a movie: Ed and Sandra. Their first feature film together, by the way, is how it’s going to regisseurskoppel, they may tell you.