PSV at rest on a 0 to 3-lead against Rosenborg

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PSV at rest on a 0 to 3-lead against Rosenborg

03 October, 2019 18:31
03-10-19 at 18:31
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In the group stage of the Europa League, but come Thursday, there are three Dutch clubs to take action. A-Z has received at Manchester United (0-0), the Team played at home against FC Porto (2-0) and PSV eindhoven are going to be on a visit to Rosenborg BK (21: 00).

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League. We used to Rob Hirschmann, and Jeroen van Barneveld to keep you up to date on the performance of Dutch clubs in the European clubtoernooi.

  • LIVE:
  • Rosenborg-PSV eindhoven 0-3
  • Results:
  • E-Manchester United 0-0
  • Liverpool-FC Porto 2-0

Rosenborg-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours agoKick-off! The ball is rolling again in the city of Trondheim. In the second half, Rosenborg-PSV have started.Champions League · 7 hours ago

These are the recline positions is in late-avondwedstrijden in the Europa League:

  • Arsenal Fc-Standard Liege 3-0
  • Half-Cluj 1-0
  • Dudelange-Qarabag 0 to 2 (discontinued)
  • Hotel-Eintracht Frankfurt 0-1
  • Krasnodar-Barcelona 0-1
  • Lazio, Roma, Stade Rennes 0-0
  • Lugano-Dynamo Kiev 0-0
  • Malmo-FC Copenhagen 0-0
  • History FIRST 1-0
  • Sporting CP-LASK Linz 0-1
  • Trabzonspor-FC-Basel – 1-to-1

Everton-FC Porto · 13 hours ago

Conclusion: “It is a compliment that we are disappointed”
A-Z-year-old He Finally was satisfied with how his team came to light, but the result is not a feeling. “It is, perhaps, the greatest compliment to the boys,” he said at Fox Sports. “With any regularity was our intensity is higher than that of either of them. It’s beautiful to look at. It’s a great compliment that they have given their best to the players in the coming days.”Rosenborg-PSV · up to 14 minutes geledenVoor for the first time in almost 25 years, PSV’s have three goals for the peace and quiet in a European competition.

⏰ – @MANU for the first time since October 17, 1995 and the three goals of peace in europe uitduel. At that time, in the 3-5 UEFA Cup win at Leeds United. #ROSPSV #UEL


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen21:50 pm – 3 October, 2019Europa League · 16-geledenEen remarkable time in France. The match between Dudelange and Qarabag has been shut down because of a drone with an Armenian flag on the top of the field in face. Australia, where is Qarabag comes from living for centuries, is at odds with the united arab emirates.

Suspès el-Dudelange – Qarabag by the un dron


AuteurEnric FuentesMoment of plaatsen21:38 pm – October 3, 2019Feyenoord-FC Porto · 18 hours ago

Karsdorp emotional after the goal
Rick Karsdorp and there were a lot of emotions to be free during his time at Liverpool, the saving is 2-0 binnenschoot. At the shout, he made a hartjesgebaar, which was supposed to be his wife. It was recently being stalked by some of the Feyenoordfans. “Everyone knows my story. I’ve seen and done here, along with about twenty of them said that the messages sent to my wife,”said he to Fox Sports. “This is for her has been difficult. I’m very, very proud of her and the team.”Rosenborg-PSV · 18 hours ago

Peace of mind! What’s a host to PSV eindhoven in the city of Trondheim. The team’s coach, Mark van Bommel is no best way to play in peace and tranquility with a 0-3 against Rosenborg, thanks to a goal from team captain, Pablo Rosario, aanvalsleider Donyell Malen, and an own goal from Rosenborg defender Birger In.Everton-FC Porto · 24 minutes ago

Tribe praises fighting spirit of the Team
Jaap Stam was proud of how his team today and fought for the victory against FC Porto. “I enjoyed every minute of the fight,” he said in front of the cameras of Fox Sports. “If you make a game in such a way and you continue to do the things that you need to do, then you can get a good result to come out. Not everything worked, but Porto are not. We were getting better and better at the game, and went ahead to play. It was that final ball is not good, but we kept fighting.”Rosenborg-PSV · 24 minutes ago –41′ GOAL in PSV’s! 0 to 3

What is a rate of return gets a PSV player, in science and technology, Trondheim: three shots, three goals. Once again, pick up Donyell Malen, a goal is scored by having an eye-to-eye with the Norwegian goalkeeper and into the far corner of the slide. The PSV set for the rest of his Rosenborg safe and secure.Rosenborg-PSV · 28 minutes ago –37′ GOAL in PSV’s! 0 to 2

Want to know the Dumfries and doubles against the advances in science and technology, Trondheim. In the rebound on his own shot, shoot him in the play by Birger In from Rosenborg, the ball is up against the ropes.Rosenborg-PSV eindhoven football · 29 minutes geleden34′ Donyell Malen, getting a sneer from the trainer, Mark van Bommel, after a poor pass to his feet for Jorrit Hendrix. It should be a much better player, wants to speak to the lead, crossing the finish line, draw against Rosenborg.E-Manchester United · 30 minutes ago

Koopmeiners frustrated that AZ can’t win
How Koopmeiners had been prior to the match, this result (0-0) was signed, but end up frustrated as he is that AZ didn’t win. “As you can see, how often do we get to the end, and that, as a man, then check it is..and that its details should be good, if you want to win”, he said to Fox Sports. “Against this kind of teams do you know that you’re not going to win if you do this kind of thing is not a good read. I hate that there are not three points to run away with.”
Rosenborg-PSV · 33 minutes ago

Donyell Malen, and is surprisingly happier than in the lead character after the 0 to 1 from the Hall of the Rosary for Rosenborg. The captain of PSV eindhoven applauds interestingly enough, after the third hit in a row in the Local authority.Rosenborg-PSV · for 35 minutes, geleden29′ Jensen, a noted free-kick for that, no one from the Rosenburg afraid of his head at the level to be set. Fortunately, the PSV is going to be the ball well over the mark.Rosenborg-PSV eindhoven · 40 minutes ago

PSV harvest is still a little impressed with the attack, but is still in the lead against Rosenborg. It should, nevertheless, be better for the team’s coach, Mark van Bommel.Arsenal v Standard Liege · 40 minutes geledenOndertussen in London and is already 3-0 for Arsenal at Standard Liege. The eighteen-year-old Gabriel Martinelli have two of them in it, Joe Willock makes it to the other one. This will be a slaughter for the young?Rosenborg-PSV · 42 minutes geledenVoor of the Rosary, you should look as if he was at least sixteen feet in the goal to shoot.

4 – All four of Pablo Rosario’s goal for @MANU-have-come-from-outside-the-box. Very.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:22 – October 3, 2019Rosenborg RANGE · a 43-minute geleden21 That was almost a scare for the ADVANTAGE. Viergever tries to get the ball away to root, but the shoots at the Rosary, and the high-ball is a challenging target for Robbin Ruiter. With much effort he keeps on to the goal-line.Rosenborg-PSV-four hours ago

So, if you never been to, and this is how you make the turn on a board of with a clear. The goal of the captain, Pablo Rosario, in the third row, in the service of the Locals. For this series, he was just a one-time, spot-on, as last season’s Champions League final against Internazionale.Rosenborg-PSV-four hours ago ina 14′ GOAL to the PSV! From 0 to 1

Out of nowhere decision to lead in Norway. The captain, Pablo Rosario, shoots with his left hand over the leg of a defender from Rosenborg and is on the lower side of the bar is struck.Rosenborg-PSV-four hours geleden12, ” No, it’s jumps are still not at ADVANTAGE. In fact, the lesser gods of Kongens have, is a predominance in science and technology, Trondheim.E-the Manchester United one day ago

AZ-the harvest applause, on with a tie against the stars of Manchester United. The captain just joe Koopmeiners, and This is the White and clap their hands to play.Europa League · one hour geledenDe the results of the other matches in the champions League:

Basaksehir-Borussia Monchengladbach 1-To-1
Liverpool-Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-1
Braga-Slovan Bratislava, 2-2
CSKA Moscow-Espanyol 0-2
Ferencváros-Ludogorets 0-3(Jody Lukoki 1x)
Oleksandriya-AA Gent 1-to-1
St. Etienne-Wolfsburg 1-To-1
Wolfsberger AC-AS Roma, 1-to-1
The Young Boys Rangers a 2-1Rosenborg-PSV-four hours geleden5′ BACKLINE has a poor start in the city of Trondheim. The team’s coach, Mark van Bommel loses the town’s ball, and Denzel Dumfries has two strikes to his enemy to stop it.Everton-FC Porto, one day ago

Here are the results of the new program in the group of the Team:

Liverpool-FC Porto 2-0
Young Boys, Rangers FC, 2-1

1. We’re going to have 2-3 (2-1)
2. Young, Boys, 2-3 (3-3)
3. Rangers FC 2-3 (2-2)
4. FC Porto 2-3 (2-3)Rosenborg-PSV-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball is in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. Rosenborg-PSV have started.Rosenborg-PSV-four hours geledenDe of the players of Rosenborg and PSV eindhoven to log in to the box. Rosenborg-PSV is on the verge of starting.E-the Manchester United one day ago

Here are the results and the position in the group L, the group on the right.

E-Manchester United 0-0
FC Astana-Will be 1-2


  1. – Manchester United 2-4 (1-0)
  2. Will be 2 to 4 (4-3)
  3. AZ 2-2 (2-2)
  4. FC Astana 2-0 (1-3)

Liverpool-FC-Porto-four-hour geledenHet’s been a while since we’re going to be European as well, the day it came out.

🏠 – @We’re going to win it for the first time in 2004/2005 are the first 3 of the European thuisduels of the season. #feyfcp #UEL


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen20:53 – October 3, 2019AZ Manchester United on a one-hour geledenAZ in the footsteps of FC Barcelona, Manchester United, not a single shot on goal, to solve the problem. Have a beautiful first of its kind in the Alkmaarders.

0 – @AZAlkmaar are the second team to keep Manchester United from a shot on target in a European match in this decade, after Barcelona in 2019. Secure.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:52 – October 3, 2019Rosenborg RANGE one day ago

Sweet is injured, the Rider is under the bar
Jeroen Zoet is injured during the warm-up of PSV for the Europa League game with Rosenborg. Reservedoelman Robbin Ruiter will replace him under the bar. That is Sweet, exactly, is wrong with it, is not known. Lars Unnerstall takes his place on the substitute bench of the Locals.Everton-FC Porto, one day ago

We’re going to be surprised and it will win for FC Porto
We’re going to do again is to go into group G of the champions League! In the End a win thanks to a strong second half earned FC Porto 2-0. Jens Toornstra and Rick Karsdorp, the heroes were in the South of Rotterdam.Liverpool-FC-Porto-four-hours-agoPast! We’re going to win by 2-0 to FC Porto!Liverpool-FC-Porto-four-hour geleden90+3′ Tapia gets yellow. Flying is unnecessarily hard. That was in the city.Liverpool-FC-Porto-four-hour geleden90 ” There will be three minutes of injury time in Rotterdam, the netherlands.Liverpool-FC-Porto-four-hour geleden90′ a Great chance for Porto! Christ is the headline, and Vermeer saves the day. Using the rebound to tap the ball in the post!E-the Manchester United one day ago

A-Z keeps Manchester United in tie
A-Z keeps Manchester United in a handsome manner, at a push. The team trainer, He Finally gets a chance to score, but do not go beyond a draw against the English nation in the group stage of the champions League: 0-0. The visitors from Manchester, to make a perfunctory impression of the plastic field and in The Hague, and have not for a moment be close to the lead had been.Liverpool-FC-Porto-four-hour geleden89′ for FC Porto and try to make it so, but it is really dangerous to be in the island no more. The team is heading in a great victory.A-Z Manchester United on a one-hour geleden90′ minimal additional time, in The Hague, amounts to three minutes. In the meantime, Jesse Lingard injured at the end.Liverpool-FC-Porto-four-hour geleden85 ” A standing ovation for Rick Karsdorp, if it is substituted for the Ludsharel Owner.Liverpool-FC-Porto-four-hour geleden84′ mountain hut to shoot from distance, but his effort is turned.A-Z Manchester United on a one-hour geleden86′ the First bill of exchange from a-Z: Trainer, He Finally makes it to a dead end at the door on the right. He brings in a defender Pantelis Hatzidiakos, for his And the White.Liverpool-FC-Porto-four-hour geleden81′ Change for Everton: Senesi, and Narsingh in. They do not substitute for Larsson, and Sinisterra.A-Z Manchester United on a one-hour geleden84′ and Jesse Lingard, with a live chance for Manchester United. He shoots, but right next to it is the goal of the AZ-goalkeeper Marco Bizot.Everton-FC Porto · 2 hours ago

79′ GOAL in the Club! 2-0

Rick Karsdorp is doing it!!! He improvises cleverly, by the Portuguese ministry of defence and slide the ball under the Marchesin it through. What a time for the non Feyenoorder!

E-Manchester United · 2-hour geleden83′ a Third change for Manchester United: Juan Mata will give the reins over to Scott McTominay.Everton-FC Porto · a 2-hour geleden78′ we’re going to play, but it does, thanks to Vermeer. Into the chance, but the keeper saves it!E-Manchester United · 2-hour geleden80 Now claims to be the Manchester United a penalty after a sliding tackle from Sugawara to Rashford. Even now, points to arbitrator Mazeika, not to the dot, and there should be a-Z not on the shopping area.Everton-FC Porto · a 2-hour geleden76 Still a quarter of an hour to play soccer in the Tub. Pulling the Team to the victory, crossing the finish line?Back to top

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