Laura Tesoro shares the good news

cc8f24977f872fa7a7e51d04558efb20 - Laura Tesoro shares the good news

Laura Tesoro has today, Instagram has announced that her debut album, “Limits” from the 25th of October on the store shelves will be placed. After a few singles, and eight, Laura Tesoro, the time has come to get her fans to that long awaited full-length album has to offer. Laura-can’t wait to see the response from the fans, and to her luck, and speaker on social media sites. “So freaking excited!” says Laura. The Limits shall be ten entirely new songs, including the title track Limits, with a self-penned song by Laura. That number, says Laura: ‘I push myself and my limits always have to have the best version of myself”. ‘Limits’ is a personal song about working hard to achieve your goals.” The album should be a reflection of a Laura Tesoro, both as a person and as an artist.